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The uphill climb to an effortless customer journey

December 9, 2014

Companies have never had more ways to engage customers in conversation, thanks to startling advances in technology. But in this new world

Your passport to Startupland

December 8, 2014

Ever wondered what it’s like to start your own business? The journey from idea to startup to successful business is long and treacherous. But it makes such a great story

Why the Bay Area is the epicenter of the startup world

December 4, 2014

What’s the next startup hotbed? So goes this perennial debate on the Interwebs. New cities are constantly being thrown into the ring

Embed customer service into the user experience: Introducing Zendesk Embeddables

December 3, 2014

If you’re eating at a restaurant and there’s something wrong with your meal, what do you do? You don’t get up and walk into the kitchen—you stay in your seat, talk to your waiter, and it’s taken care of. Why should customer service online be any different?

For retail, the math is simple: more support, better results

December 2, 2014

Last winter we tracked the impact of the holiday rush on customer satisfaction, and a clear trend emerged. Satisfaction with customer service interactions measurably and

Community tip: refactoring reporting with conditional fields

December 1, 2014

Our implementation of reporting on why people are writing in to support was pretty simple at first. An ever increasing drop down of issue types. We implemented this since

Time to cozy up to these 9 new integrations

November 25, 2014

It’s that time again. (For sweaters and hot cocoa, yes, but also for exciting updates from our apps marketplace.) This month we’ve added

Tip of the week: tips on Zendesk Voice from Zendesk Support

November 24, 2014

At Zendesk Support, we use Zendesk Voice to take inbound support calls and make outbound calls to our customers. Voice is incredibly simple to set up—adding a phone line to your

Fine Tuning: optimizing security in your Zendesk

November 20, 2014

Do you spend sleepless nights devising ways to make your Zendesk account immune to security threats? Today is your day! We’re hosting a discussion in our forums today focused on safeguards to make your Zendesk account

5 easy steps to trialing voice support

November 19, 2014

Research shows that customers continue to choose voice as their preferred channel of support. They want access to other channels too, but the allure of voice support has less to do with

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