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Infographic: self-service for mobile consumers

August 28, 2012

Mobile devices aren’t just for phone calls, SMS, and emails anymore. As our latest infographic illustrates, the percentage of adults who use their mobile devices for online browsing has more than doubled in the last three years

Tip of the week: customer metrics with Google Analytics

August 24, 2012

Google Analytics is one of the most useful tools available for those in the customer service industry. What makes it even more amazing is that it is totally free!

Zendesk on the Google Apps Marketplace

August 24, 2012

We’re super excited to announce that Zendesk is now a part of the Google Apps Marketplace, mostly because we take full advantage of Google Apps ourselves

Control your self-service customer experience

August 23, 2012

Self-service can be an excellent option for your company and your consumers, but it’s important to first evaluate what benefit it brings, and for whom

Infographic: keeping up with Twitter

August 22, 2012

For many, companies using Twitter to interact with customers might seem like a given; there are more than 500 million users engaging in a public forum. It would seem that most companies should be active, or at the very least, actively monitoring Twitter for Tweets to and about their brand

Tip of the week: your knowledge base

August 20, 2012

Besides providing your customers with many channels for reaching out to you for support, your Zendesk offers a way to empower them to answer their own questions using the resources in your knowledge base

Four new integrations for August

August 16, 2012

Happy August everyone! We’ve got four great new integrations this month that will help you better serve your customers and expand the functionality of your Zendesk

Tip of the week: adding custom buttons to your web portal home page

August 13, 2012

Your Zendesk home page is the first thing everyone sees when they come looking for support

Infographic: best in practice

August 9, 2012

Your reputation for providing quality customer service matters. In fact, as our latest infographic illustrates, the importance of providing great customer service is two fold

Zendesk API v2

August 8, 2012

YourTrove, an online service for developers, conducted a survey last year asking what they consider to be the biggest pain points in API development

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