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Knowledge base

Control access

You choose who can view your knowledge base. Keep some content for your agents only, require registration, or open it up to the public in your help center.

Rich text editor

Create articles including media like photos and video with our WYSIWYG editor. It’s as familiar as the applications you use in your personal life.

Structured content, unlimited articles

Organize your articles in multiple levels—including Categories and Sections—so it’s easy for your customers to find what they need.

Lists and labels

Get an overview of all your published and unpublished knowledge base content with customized article lists that you can share with your team, and refine with search, filters, and article labels.

Restore deleted content

All your content is archived, so even if you delete something by accident, you can get it back.

Content history

Understand how your knowledge base content evolves over time. See a list of edits and changes, so you can always be up to date with the latest revisions.

Content Cues*

With AI-powered recommendations, it’s easy to know which articles would be beneficial to have on hand—ensuring that your customers have the best self-service experience possible.

Think globally

Localize your content in 40+ languages so you can serve customers in their native language.

*Content Cues is currently available through an Early Access Program.

"Zendesk Guide has allowed us to triple the efficiency of our customer support organization by allowing customers to easily answer common questions themselves in our knowledge base."

– David Vauthrin, Co-Founder and CMO at FINALCAD

Agent efficiency

Knowledge Capture App

With Guide, you can leverage your team’s collective knowledge. Agents can create new content, link articles into tickets, and flag content for improvements, directly from their Zendesk Support agent interface. Learn More

A built-in resource with AI

While solving tickets, agents can reference AI-powered article recommendations from your external help center, as well as from your agent-only knowledge base. You can also keep training documents in a central location for easy access during onboarding and beyond.

Instant customer context

The Pathfinder app for Zendesk Support provides context on how a customer used self-service prior to submitting a ticket. With that info an agent can get a better understanding of the customer’s intent, and provide better answers and resolve issues faster.

Simplified ticket resolution

Save agents from an extra task by empowering customers to close their own requests once they’ve received the help they need.

“The Knowledge Capture app allows us to create articles easily and the team can collaborate, refine content, and provide feedback on articles directly within the app itself.”

– Justin Fenech, Customer Support Expert at Electronic Arts


A beautiful help center for any device

Let customers help themselves to your knowledge base content with a customized, mobile responsive help center.

Help where it’s needed

Embed your help center natively on your website with the Web Widget or within your mobile app so customers don’t have to leave when they need help. Learn more.

Effortless and relevant

Use Contextual Help in the Web Widget to suggest relevant articles based on the page the customer is currently viewing, before they even lift a finger to type out a search.

Answer Bot

Powered by artificial intelligence to automatically respond to emails with relevant help center articles, solving customer requests while they wait for an agent. Learn more

"After using Guide to redesign and create better content in our help center, our self-service ratio (help center views/# tickets created) increased from 5:1 last year to 12:1 this year."

– Mikayla Welborn, Head of Customer Support at Clever


SEO ready

Guide is optimized so search engines can understand your content and customers can find answers no matter where they look for them. And Guide automatically updates your sitemap so there’s no need to call a developer.

Custom themes

Guide allows for multiple customizable themes, giving you full control over the look and feel of each section of your help center. Your web developers can easily work with HTML, CSS, and Javascript to match your brand.


Create multiple help centers or knowledge bases to serve various audiences, regions, or brands. Each one is separate so you can set different permissions, create unique URLs, and customize themes to match.

Content Collaboration

From approvals and publishing to vetting new articles and improving upon old ones, everyone can easily contribute to all of your content in one convenient place. Learn more

Improved workflow

Notifications are sent to specified team members for things like draft assignments and internal notes, which creates a more communicative and efficient process for everyone.

Publishing permissions

Use refined permissions to designate which team members can edit, approve and publish each article before it goes live on your help center.



Capture the voice of your customer with our community forums. Empower customers to interact with each other and provide feedback about what works and what doesn’t. Learn more about Community Software.

Moderation tools

Guide can direct all new and edited end-user content to a queue to be reviewed before publishing. You can choose to have all posts and comments sent to the queue, or filter for content that contains specific words.

User Profiles

Display user information, activity, and recent contributions. Help center profiles also enable users to follow one another and get notifications of new articles, posts, and comments for anyone they follow.

Customer portal

Request form

Let customers escalate a question by embedding a request form directly in your help center. Capture relevant information with custom form fields about their issue so you can solve their requests faster.

Personalized portal

Provide a dedicated space for your customers to manage their support requests and their contributions to your community. Learn how the Guide customer portal works.


Gather intel

Guide reporting tracks how people are reacting to your content on help center, Web Widget, and in mobile apps. The data can tell you the number of new articles and questions created, how many users have viewed them, and the total number of votes, subscriptions, and comments.

Find your blind spot

See what search terms customers are looking for, and whether those searches come up empty. You can add new content or update the language you use in existing content to help customers find what they need.

Integration with Google Analytics

Google Analytics has tools for everything when you integrate it with Guide. From search analytics to ticket-deflection tracking, you can use it to improve your self-service and make it easier for customers to find answers. Learn more

Monitor Answer Bot productivity

Measure the effectiveness of your content bot with a pre-configured dashboard. Learn what works to increase ticket deflection and how to improve the relevance of your self-service content.

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