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A smart knowledge base for better self-service and empowered agents

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Get smart

Zendesk Guide is more than just a collection of articles. It’s a smart knowledge base that helps you capture and leverage your team’s know-how. It works natively with Zendesk Support to deliver better self-service for customers and improve agent efficiency.

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Get started and customize your knowledge base quickly

Create a help center

Build a customized self-service destination to empower customers to help themselves.

Custom themes

Guide allows for customizable themes, giving you full control over the look and feel of your help center across multiple brands or products. Your web developers can easily work with HTML, CSS, and Javascript to match your brand.

Rich text editor

Create articles including media like photos and video with our WYSIWYG editor. It’s as familiar as the applications you use in your personal life.

Content history

Understand how your knowledge base content evolves over time. See a list of edits and changes, so you can always be up to date with the latest revisions.

Restore deleted content

All your content is archived, so even if you delete something by accident, you can get it back.

Control access

You choose who can view your knowledge base. Keep some content for your agents only, require registration, or open it up to the public in your help center.

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“Eight years ago we started with Zendesk, and now we handle more than 150,000 tickets per year and more than 2 million self-service requests. This year our self-service grew more than our business, enabling us to scale even further.”

Tonni Buur

Vice President of Global Support at Trustpilot

Create the best self-service experience for your customers

Help where it’s needed

Embed your help center natively on your website with the Web Widget or within your mobile app so customers don’t have to leave when they need help. Learn more.

Effortless and relevant

Use Contextual Help in the Web Widget to suggest relevant articles based on the page the customer is currently viewing, before they even lift a finger to type out a search.

API access to customize

Design sophisticated customizations to automate and enhance the customer experience within Guide using a myriad of different Zendesk APIs.

Customer Portal

Enable customers to manage their own requests with a Customer Portal. Create a dedicated space for your customers to manage their support requests and community contributions with a personalized portal.

Rapid Resolve

Save agents time by empowering customers to close their own request once an agent provides an article that helps them.

Answer Bot

Powered by artificial intelligence to automatically respond to emails with relevant help center articles, solving customer requests while they wait for an agent. Learn more.

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“We really like Answer Bot. It’s easy to configure and does a great job measuring the number of tickets it deflects. Even better, customers don’t find Answer Bot intrusive to their borrower experience.”

Andrew Jensen

Director, Payment Solutions at Lending Club

Empower agents with easy access to knowledge

A built-in resource

While solving tickets, agents can reference answers and info from your agent knowledge base. You can also keep training documents in a central location for easy access during onboarding and beyond.

Article recommendations

The Knowledge Capture app enables agents to solve tickets faster with relevant help center content. It automatically searches and suggests articles using artificial intelligence to find the most relevant context and incorporates the brand and language of the ticket. Agents can link these articles within ticket responses with just one click.

Flag and create knowledge

If agents can’t find what they’re looking for, they can create and share new articles using predefined templates in the Knowledge Capture app. By capturing knowledge on the fly, agents will continue to enrich your Knowledge Base with articles that help customers.

Integrated Knowledge Capture app publishing workflow

A publishing workflow will send articles agents create in the Knowledge Capture app while answering tickets directly into the Team Publishing workflow. Content managers can find these articles under a “Captured Knowledge” list, making it easy to push them through your standard approval and publishing review process.

Answer Bot for internal teams

Bring the power of Answer Bot to your internal teams directly in the Support agent interface, through the Knowledge Capture App, and on Slack. With in-context, AI-powered article recommendations, access to knowledge is faster and more accurate than ever.

“The Knowledge Capture app allows us to create articles easily and the team can collaborate, refine content, and provide feedback on articles directly within the app itself.”

Justin Fenech

Customer Support Expert at Electronic Arts

Develop and improve content across your team

Content history

Understand how your knowledge base content evolves over time. See a list of edits and changes, so you can always be up to date with the latest revisions.

Manage content

Make it easy for Content Managers to review, approve, and publish content from the team with article lifecycle management in Team Publishing. Now articles have a set of states related to their place in the publishing workflow so it’s easy to keep track of how content is progressing.

Article lifecycle management

Content Managers can assign article updates to their team with notes on what needs to change through Team Publishing. Knowledge can be easily kept up to date by engaging the team in ongoing verification and upkeep with Article Events.

Publishing permissions

Use refined permissions updates to designate which team members can approve and publish content before it goes live on your help center.

Content Cues

With AI-powered recommendations, it’s easy to know which articles would be beneficial to have on hand—ensuring that your customers have the best self-service experience possible.

Organize and optimize your knowledge base

Structured content

Organize your articles in multiple levels—including Categories and Sections—so it’s easy for your customers to find what they need.

Think globally

Localize your content in 40+ languages so you can serve customers in their native language.

Dynamic Content for translations

Use Dynamic Content to create your own translations with a default version of the text (set in the same language as your default) and variants for every other language that you support. Based on the end-user’s language, the appropriate variant is automatically displayed to the end-user.

Article import

Import Google Docs directly into your knowledge base to easily add existing content so you can get up and running quick to improve your self-service experience.

Bulk actions

Manage your knowledge base in better ways with Bulk Actions. Update various article properties, such as labels and permissions, for multiple articles all at once.

Lists and labels

Get an overview of all your published and unpublished knowledge base content with customized article lists, and then refine that view with search, filters, and article labels.

SEO ready

Guide is optimized so search engines can understand your content and customers can find answers no matter where they look for them. And Guide automatically updates your sitemap so there’s no need to call a developer.


Create multiple help centers or knowledge bases to serve various audiences, regions, or brands. Each one is separate so you can set different permissions, create unique URLs, and customize themes to match.

Understand knowledge engagement and effectiveness through reporting and analytics

Integration with Google Analytics

Google Analytics has tools for everything when you integrate it with Guide. From search analytics to ticket-deflection tracking, you can use it to improve your self-service and make it easier for customers to find answers.

Find your blind spot

See what search terms customers are looking for, and whether those searches come up empty. You can add new content or update the language you use in existing content to help customers find what they need.

Gather intel

Guide reporting tracks how people are reacting to your content on help center, Web Widget, and in mobile apps. The data can tell you the number of new articles and questions created, how many users have viewed them, and the total number of votes, subscriptions, and comments.

Knowledge capture dashboard

Admins can access the Knowledge Capture dashboard to analyze which articles help agents solve the most tickets. Dive deep and use those insights to evolve your knowledge base.

Monitor Answer Bot productivity

Measure the effectiveness of your content bot with a pre-configured dashboard. Learn what works to increase ticket deflection and how to improve the relevance of your self-service content.