Top remote support software of 2023: Features and pricing

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Last updated July 12, 2023

Customers want answers to their questions and solutions to their problems. But agents need help, too—ideally from remote help desk software that provides a full suite of customer and employee experience functionality. Zendesk was built to be that software by existing as a hub around which businesses can build a best-of-breed support tech stack.

While there are many more integrations on the market that accomplish an array of functions, on this page, we’ll focus on Zendesk’s best remote support software integrations. Then, we’ll review the basics of remote support software, what it is, its benefits, and how to choose the right solution for your team.

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In this guide, we will explore:

What is remote support software?

Remote support software is a help desk with remote support integrations and capabilities.

Remote support software allows agents providing technical assistance to take control of a customer’s or employee’s device. The remote support agent can also communicate with the user via chat or voice.

Who uses remote support software?

IT professionals often use remote support software to troubleshoot, perform administrative tasks, and service customer devices remotely.

This software allows businesses to connect to any computer or device with only an internet connection, which also makes it a helpful tool for internal use. For example, tech support specialists can assist remote employees who would otherwise have to fix the issue on their own or take it in to get serviced.

Customer support teams can also use remote support software internally and externally.

Comparison: 11 leading remote help desk integrations

It's essential to find a remote support solution that integrates seamlessly with your help desk.

In this guide, we assess the top remote service integrations available in the Zendesk Marketplace, their benefits, starting prices, free trial availability, and features.

IntegrationsStarting priceFree trialKey features
Zoho Assist$12/month for 1 technician15 days
  • Group permissions control

  • Session recording

  • Advanced reporting

  • Simultaneous sessions

Splashtop$47.90/month for 25 computers7 days
  • Group permissions control

  • Session recording

  • Advanced reporting

  • Simultaneous sessions

GoToAssistFree for 5 Pro devices7 days
  • Group permissions control

  • Session recording

  • Advanced reporting

  • Simultaneous sessions

RemotePC$24.50/month for 1 computer7 days
  • Group permissions control

  • Session recording

  • Advanced reporting

  • Simultaneous sessions

Teamviewer$24.90/month for 1 licensed user14 days
  • Group permissions control

  • Session recording

  • Advanced reporting

  • Simultaneous sessions

Recursive LabsFree to installNot applicable
  • Session recording

BeyondTrust Remote SupportAvailable upon request7 days
  • Group permissions control

  • Session recording

  • Advanced reporting

  • Simultaneous sessions

ConnectWise Control Remote Support$34/month (1 user with 1 connection)14 days
  • Group permissions control

  • Session recording

  • Advanced reporting

  • Simultaneous sessions

Endpoint Central MSPFree30 days
  • Group permissions control

  • Session recording

  • Advanced reporting

  • Simultaneous sessions

LogMeIn Rescue$108.25/month billed annually14 days
  • Group permissions control

  • Session recording

  • Advanced reporting

  • Simultaneous sessions

Blitzz$35/month per user14 days
  • Session recording

  • Advanced reporting

  • Simultaneous sessions

1. Zoho Assist

Zoho Assist offers remote support, unattended access, and reports.

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Zoho strikes the ideal balance between intuitiveness and configurability. Zoho Assist - Zoho's cloud-based remote support and remote access software - is no exception.

This technology allows you to support customers from a distance via web-based, on-demand remote sessions. Among other things, you can use Zoho Assist to configure unattended remote access and manage unattended remote devices.


  • Up to six simultaneous sessions

  • Session recording and audit

  • Session notes

  • Advanced reports

  • Remote printing

  • Contact management

  • Custom domain mapping

  • Computer grouping


  • Remote Support Standard: $12/month for 1 technician

  • Remote Support Professional: $18/month for 1 technician

  • Remote Support Enterprise: $28/month for 1 technician

Free trial: 15 days

Learn more about Zendesk for Zoho Assist.

2. Splashtop

Splashtop integrates with Zendesk, allowing help desk agents to support customers.

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Splashtop's remote desktop software allows you to centralize remote access management. The software caters to IT departments, MSPs, support agents, and OEMs in education, healthcare, media and entertainment, accounting, government, and architecture and design. Plans for Splashtop are packaged for individual users, small teams, and large enterprises.

All Splashtop software is hosted on AWS that provides a secure, firewalled computing and network environment with data encryption and DDoS mitigation measures in place. Other advanced security measures include multi-level password security, session idle timeout, two-factor verification, and device authentication.

On top of all that, Splashtop makes it easy to get started with customized deployment packages for mass deployments and migrations from other remote support solutions.


  • Privilege and permissions control

  • Cloud and on-premise deployments available

  • Session recording

  • Remote reboot and wake

  • Chat

  • Simultaneous multi-to-multi screen remote support


  • $47.90/month for 25 computers

  • $71.90/month for 50 computers

  • $95.90/month for 100 computers

Free trial: 7 days

Learn more about Zendesk for Splashtop.

3. GoToAssist


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GoToAssist is one of many products - including GoTo Connect, Meeting, Webinar, Room, Contact, Assist, and many others - that GoTo provides. And like the company's other software options, GoToAssist is a popular, reliable solution.

GoToAssist remote sessions begin from your Zendesk ticketing system, and your recording and notes automatically sync with your ticket when the session ends.

Whether you need to remotely control a Mac, PC, or Android device, GoToAssist lets you quickly transition from your ticket to a remote support session so you can see the issue clearly and resolve it fast. On G2, GoToAssist doesn't have the highest ratings, with an average rating of 4.3 out of 5 stars. But its core remote support features have above-average ratings for the category.


  • Mobile and desktop app with agent console

  • Multi-session support for up to 15 sessions

  • Slack integration

  • Remote diagnostics

  • Multi-monitor navigation

  • File transfer

  • Unattended computer access

  • Session recording and reporting


  • Free: $0/month for 5 Pro devices

  • Basic: $69/month for 25 Pro devices

  • Standard: $239/moth for 100 Pro devices

  • Premium: Price available upon request

Free trial: 7 days

Learn more about Zendesk for GoToAssist.

4. RemotePC

RemotePC shows the queue of customers waiting for help desk support.

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Ideally, when you run a remote support session, the agent and customer's screens sync up in real time. But oftentimes, there's a lag that can make the interaction feel clunky. RemotePC changes that with near-real-time screen replication. And of course, it integrates seamlessly within the Zendesk ticketing flow so you can deliver consistent, efficient support to your customers.

As with other remote support solutions on this list, using RemotePC with Zendesk is simple. You create a remote session from Zendesk, which generates a link that you share directly with the customer. And RemotePC isn't just about the visuals - it also supports remote sound, meaning your customers and agents see and hear the same thing at the same time. It's as if your agent is sitting side by side with your customer, helping them along.

RemotePC provides plans for all kinds of users, including consumers, small businesses, enterprises, and managed service providers.


  • Unlimited concurrent remote access

  • Whiteboarding support

  • Remote printing

  • PC, Mac, Linux compatible

  • User management

  • On-demand remote support

  • Computer grouping


Note: Pricing below is for the first year

  • Consumer: $24.50 for 1 computer

  • Consumer: $49.50 for 2 computers

  • SOHO: $79.50 for 10 computers

  • Team: $599.50 for 100 computers

  • Enterprise: $599.50 for 100 computers

Free trial: 7 days (only for Team and Enterprise plans)

Learn more about Zendesk for RemotePC.

5. TeamViewer

TeamViewer allows help desk agents to control end-user computers remotely and set up unattended access.

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With the combo of Teamviewer and Zendesk, you can start remote support sessions right from a ticket in your Zendesk Support dashboard on Windows, Mac, Linux, Android, iOS, or Chrome. All you have to do is create a link, send it to your customer, and connect through the Teamviewer queue. Key features of Teamviewer include the ability to transfer files, record sessions, manage customers, and support multiple monitors.

The product also uses high-security encryption, 2FA, and access controls to ensure your customers' data stays secure.


  • Session recording

  • 24/7 access

  • Chat

  • VoIP

  • File transfer

  • Multi-monitor support

  • Windows, macOS, Android, and iOS compatibility

  • Custom branding

  • Permanent access for unattended devices


  • TeamViewer Remote Access: $24.90/month (billed annually) for 1 licensed user

  • TeamViewer Business: $50.90/month (billed annually) for 1 licensed user

  • TeamViewer Premium: $112.90/month (billed annually) for 15 licensed users

  • TeamViewer Corporate: $229.90/month (billed annually) for 30 licensed users

Free trial: 14 days

Learn more about Zendesk for TeamViewer.

6. Recursive Labs

Recursive labs integrates with Zendesk, allowing help desk agents to hold conversations with customers, utilize contextual account-related history, and either talk or video chat with customers.

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As a top remote help desk integration for Zendesk, this application allows IT teams to provide top-of-the-line support to staff and customers no matter where they're located. This tool ensures that your connection is secure and accessible online - no downloads needed.

Recursive Labs is an engagement-first remote support solution designed with online businesses in mind. With powerful collaboration tools and customer interfaces, the software makes it a breeze to offer personalized and robust customer experiences.


Customers can connect with your support team in-browser with the Recursive Labs integration, and they will have access to:

  • No-download video and voice chats

  • Session recordings

  • Mobile app support

  • Secure co-browsing

  • Screen sharing


  • Free to install, but additional fees may apply.

Free trial: Not applicable

Learn more about Zendesk for Recursive Labs.

7. BeyondTrust Remote Support

BeyondTrust allows help desk agents to provide remote support.

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Businesses are subject to increasingly strict security mandates such as HIPAA and PCI, which is why it's more important than ever to utilize secure remote support tools. Outfit your IT team with the software they need to securely provide support on any device, anywhere in the world. This remote support software has the power to standardize support, streamline workflows, and even access devices behind firewalls that you don't control.

With BeyondSupport's screen sharing and unattended access capabilities, this tool is a strong integration that businesses can use to streamline support. BeyondTrust Remote Support is compatible with Android, Chrome OS, iOS, Linux, Mac, and Windows operating systems.


  • Remote access and control

  • Unattended access

  • Corporate branding customization

  • Team permissions management

  • Audit and compliance reporting

  • Custom integrations


  • Available upon request

Free trial: 7 days

Learn more about Zendesk for BeyondTrust.

8. ConnectWise Control Remote Support

ConnectWise Control allows the agent to review session data, chat history, and event history.

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ConnectWise Control is a fast and flexible remote support tool that works seamlessly across a multitude of industries. With leading out-of-the-box security systems and white-labeling capabilities, this software is great for businesses that want a strong foundational application with numerous customization options.

Use the ConnectWise Control Remote Support integration to generate and join sessions from the ticket sidebar in Zendesk. Customers can jump on an attended session with someone from your team. Once your agents resolve an issue, the software automatically updates the ticket and summarizes the session for future reference.


  • Cross-platform connectivity

  • 2FA and SSL security

  • Branded customer login windows

  • Unattended access

  • Remote meetings


  • One: $34/month (1 user can make 1 connection)

  • Standard: $54/month (1 user can make 3 simultaneous connections)

  • Premium: $64 (1 user can make 10 simultaneous connections)

Free trial: 14 days

Learn more about Zendesk for ConnectWise Control Remote Support.

9. Endpoint Central MSP

Endpoint Central MSP integrates with Zendesk to securely troubleshoot end-user devices remotely.

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Manage endpoint devices and resolve tickets promptly for businesses of all sizes with this tool from ManageEngine. It comes with an impressive catalog of support features, all housed on a single console. This remote support software is compatible with Windows, Mac, and Linux OS operating systems.

With an emphasis on Unified Endpoint Management (UEM) and security, this help desk software is an excellent tool for IT administrators who frequently deploy software, perform patch management, and troubleshoot remotely.

When you integrate this application with Zendesk Support, your team will be better equipped to manage end-user tickets more efficiently.


  • Patch management

  • Remote control

  • Software deployment

  • Mobile device management

  • PSA integrations

  • Asset management


Free trial: Free edition

Learn more about Zendesk for Endpoint Central MSP.

10. LogMeIn Rescue

LogMeIn Rescue allows help desk agents to resolve technical issues via Zendesk.

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Deliver fast and reliable support on PCs, smartphones, and Macs by collaborating with your clientele in real time using LogMeIn Rescue. This remote help desk application integrates with Zendesk to help IT specialists promptly identify and resolve technical issues.

If your IT administrators do a lot of troubleshooting, this remote support tool could be the perfect match for your business. LogMeIn Rescue helps support agents reduce their time to resolution and increase customer satisfaction by equipping them with the necessary tools to conduct speedy diagnostics, download and transfer files, and educate customers.


  • Remote support for Windows, Apple, and Android

  • Unattended access

  • Remote control and diagnostics

  • Handle multiple sessions simultaneously

  • Technician collaboration


  • $108.25/month billed annually

Free trial: 14 days

Learn more about Zendesk for LogMeIn Rescue.

11. Blitzz


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Blitzz is dedicated to convenience, and that value shines through its video inspection and support tool. This user-friendly support solution is ideal for inspecting devices remotely and accessing end-user equipment.

However, this remote support tool's capabilities go a lot farther than standard device troubleshooting. Customers also use the software to perform audits, make sales calls, and connect field techs to expert support.

Blitzz is a great option for companies that need a robust remote help desk solution with diverse use cases.The Blitzz integration works with Zendesk to distinguish issues and provides the necessary tools to streamline resolutions.


  • Advanced analytics and reporting

  • Time-stamped images with accurate locations

  • Screen Sharing with pointing and markup capabilities

  • Live video

  • Optical Character Recognition (OCR) extracts text from images


  • Blitzz Concierge™ Professional: $35/month per user

  • Blitzz Inspect™ Professional: $$334/month

  • Enterprise available upon request

Free trial: 14 days

Learn more about Zendesk for Blitzz.

What are the benefits of remote help desk software?

Integrating a solution like Zendesk with remote support software can help your support team:

  • Provide technical support from anywhere:Help customers and employees resolve technical issues without meeting in person. With remote help desk software, customers can get assistance while on vacation or from the comfort of their own home.

  • Resolve complex issues more effectively: Oftentimes, it's faster to resolve a ticket with hands-on support rather than going back and forth over email, making this solution an excellent solution for improving time to resolution rates.

  • Increase product adoption and increase time to value: Use this tool to teach customers how they can get the most use and value out of your product. Ongoing learning can transform beginners into expert users, fostering more successful customers and increasing retention.

  • Improve customer onboarding:Customers and employees tend to need the most technical support during the onboarding process when they are first learning how to use your product. So, being able to provide this kind of personalized, hands-on support improves satisfaction.

Essential remote help desk software features

Here are the top remote help desk software features to consider. Remember, there’s a lot more to a good remote support experience than basic features such as screen sharing and remote control—it involves both remote support capabilities and effective help desk software.

First, let’s start with essential remote support features.

How to choose the right remote support software for your business

Remote help desk technology can help satisfy customers and employees alike. We compiled some considerations below so you can find the best solution for your remote support team.

High security

When you remotely access someone else's device, it's essential to do so securely. Otherwise, you run the risk of exposing their private data, leaving them vulnerable to security breaches.

Some common web-based security threats include:

  • Malware

  • Spyware

  • Ransomware

  • Phishing

To avoid these, you should always service user devices using encryption software.

Efficient bandwidth usage

When you're helping customers, the tools you use need to work as hard as you do. When selecting a remote help desk solution, make sure it has sufficient bandwidth to prevent buffering and streamline the transfer of data.

Simple set up

Consider the time it will take to purchase and deploy the remote help desk software. Your main goal should be to keep costs low by ensuring timely implementation without sacrificing quality.

Talk to your representative about the anticipated time it will take to implement the new software. You can use some tools right away - others can take months to become operational. Whatever solution you choose, be sure it fits within your budget and time constraints.

Integration capabilities

Verify the remote support software you choose can integrate with your existing systems and tools, such as your ticketing system. Avoid finding solutions retroactively to keep you from losing time, money, and your sanity.

Remote software trends

Here are some highlights on the current state of help desk software and what you can expect for customer experience trends in upcoming years, according to the Zendesk Customer Experience Trends Report.

Improve CX with artificial intelligence

  • 48 percent of U.S. citizens believe AI should help save their time when reaching out to a company.

  • 47 percent of people believe AI should improve the quality of customer service and make life easier.

  • 40 percent of companies use AI to have conversations with customers on the channel of their choice.

  • 39 percent of businesses use AI to help prioritize support tickets.

Personalize interactions

  • 72 percent of U.S. customers expect agents to have access to their information.

  • 62 percent of customers want to communicate across channels seamlessly.

  • 65 percent of companies want to implement tools that allow agents to offer support across channels.

  • More than 70 percent of buyers are tired of robotic interactions and expect conversational and personalized experiences.

Break down barriers

  • 89 percent of organizations say that combining sales and service data is the key to identifying new opportunities.

  • Businesses that prioritize integration are 3.4x more likely to notice a net increase in customers.

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