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Zendesk + Shopify

The best customer experiences happen when agents have full context into every issue. That’s why we’ve partnered with Shopify to offer an out-of-the-box integration that ensures your team delivers the support your customers want.

Meet your shoppers where they are

With a simple installation, you can embed and manage a branded messaging experience across your Shopify stores. Integrate all your channels across web, social, and mobile so you can seamlessly support your customers wherever they are without losing track of the conversation.

Answer Bot chat screen connecting shopper to an agent

Personalize every customer interaction

Arm your agents with everything they need in a unified workspace. With context at every turn, agents have a complete view of the customer. Agents can easily view order details, fulfillment status, and a timeline of every customer interaction without switching between systems. This way agents can add that personal touch no matter who they’re talking to.

Agent workspace with customer's order detail

Take action without leaving the conversation

Process your agents’ most common tasks, like order refunds and cancellations, directly from the sidebar app. Enable your agents to focus on the conversation while increasing CSAT and overall productivity.

Agent workspace with order refund details

Uncover customer insights with data

Fine tune your operations and identify areas for optimization, like products with the highest number of refund or cancellation requests. Leverage our pre-built or customizable dashboards so you get visibility into every customer interaction.

Graph showing data on customer interactions

Empower your customers to self-serve

Support your customers with AI-powered bots integrated into your knowledge base to answer common questions, like return policies. Our bots can seamlessly hand off the conversation to a live agent for more complex inquiries, transferring all customer context to the agent.

Ai-bot recommending common articles to answer customer questions

Transforming CX with Zendesk + Shopify

Zendesk + Shopify
Global lifestyle brand, Spartan Race was among thousands of businesses forced to pivot to digital. With a 300% increase in ecommerce sales in 2020, their support team needed to be able to stay focused on serving the customer. Learn how Spartan Race uses Zendesk and Shopify to answer 99% of customer questions—all without leaving the agent workspace.
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