Call Center VoIP Software

Call center VoIP software

What is call center VoIP software?

Traditionally, call center phone systems have relied upon analog systems which were wired into a central switch. Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP), on the other hand, is a way to make a phone call over the internet -- think Skype or FaceTime. The flexibility and speed the internet allows gives distinct advantages to Contact Centers over the old-fashioned analog phone system. Software solutions like Zendesk Talk are allowing person-to-person customer service conversations take place with far greater ease and accessibility.

The inside scoop

VoIP software allows the agents in your company to connect to your system from anywhere in the world via broadband. And because VoIP is based in the Cloud, all you need for your quick set-up is an internet connection and a headset.

Did you know?

With VoIP, agents can field calls from customers on their computers or even on analog phones. The software's advanced Predictive Dialer automatically distributes customer calls based on the available agent or other criteria you select, like agent experience or hierarchy, or even agents you designate to handle overflow queues. The Predictive Dialer helps your customers avoid frustrating hold times and the hassle of being routed to the wrong person.

How to choose call center software

Look for a Cloud-based VoIP system that is integrated into your ticketing platform. Zendesk Talk, for example, is built into Zendesk Support, which allows agents to provide phone support on the same platform they use for other customer service channels, like chat and email. A VoIP call center solution integrated into your customer service platform will automatically create tickets for incoming calls and handle call history and call recording. This technology improves communication between your agents and your customers, seamlessly linking your virtual support to the power of a live phone call.

Get more insight

In addition to ACD (automatic call distribution), make sure your VoIP solution streamlines your call management with functionalities like IVR (interactive voice response), a computer switchboard that directs calls based on the user's voice or touchpad responses. You'll also want real-time analytics that tell you what's working and what's not so you can make sure your call center is always doing its best to help your customers.

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