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JIRA + Zendesk Integration Webinar

February 17, 2010

Original Webinar Date: 1/28/2010 Atlassian’s JIRA is the leading bug tracking, issue tracking and project management tool that allows you to deliver software on-time. The integration allows any support organization to integrate their Zendesk with their engineering department’s bug tracking application. This means that Zendesk tickets and JIRA issues become part of the same system, […]

Tune-in on Today's Webinar: A Picture is Worth A Thousand Words

February 17, 2010

Like our friends at Blue Mango Learning Systems, we’re happy to announce that two new ScreenSteps Live widgets are available from within Zendesk, making integrating the two products much easier. Be sure to tune-in to a free live joint webinar today at 4pm EST (1pm PST) for all the details on using ScreenSteps Live and […]

We're Back Down Under. Melbourne Meetup this Thursday.

February 16, 2010

Inviting all Zendesk lovers and aficionados, customers, partners and friends to meet up in Melbourne at The Bull & Bear Tavern on Thursday, February 18 starting at 5pm. Zendesk will sponsor drinks (as usual) and a little something to nibble on. We look forward to the conversations and the chance to seeing you all again face-to-face. […]

SurveyGizmo + Zendesk Integration Webinar

February 12, 2010

Original Webinar Date: 1/28/2010 With SurveyGizmo you can create surveys that collect important and useful information about your customers. The integration with Zendesk allows you trigger surveys at different times in your support processes. In addition you can pass customer and ticket information to SurveyGizmo so that customers only have to answer relevant information. In […]

Mobile Apps Need Support Too

February 11, 2010

Do you like it when the app on your Nexus One or iPhone continuously crashes, or has an annoying bug, but there is no way to report the issue or send feedback to the company behind it from the device? Of course not. So why do most mobile app developers fail to offer customers a […]

Vancouver Meetup: 2010 Winter Olympics Edition

February 11, 2010

The world will be descending on Vancouver, B.C. for the 2010 Winter Olympics this month, and Zendesk is no exception! We’re coming to town to meet local and visiting customers, friends and fans on Friday, February 19, 5-7:30pm. Since bar space is at a premium during the Olympics, our good friends at BootUp Labs have […] has Two-Way Relationship with Customers

February 10, 2010

Sara Dunham had a problem: Her email-based support system was fast becoming unmanageable. And that was a good thing because it meant business for her fledgling company was enjoying strong growth. But it also meant upgrading the help desk infrastructure. Sara manages’s help desk. Her email-based help desk worked fine in the early days […]

MacWorld Meetup on Thursday: Injecting Support Into Your iPhone App

February 9, 2010

AutoPark —  an iPhone app designed to help you avoid parking tickets and much more — has integrated Zendesk to manage their customer support. The developer will be demoing at MacWorld 2010 in San Francisco. We’re hosting a meetup with Ramin Firoozye of AutoPark and will be talking about Zendesk’s iPhone SDK and how customer […]

Allons Enfants de Soutien à la Clientèle, Paris Meetup February 10

February 8, 2010

Join us for a drink and get to meet fellow European Zendesk customers, partners and friends. We’re hosting a Meetup at the Hard Rock Café in Paris; an informal gathering to talk shop, hang out, throw some ideas around and have a few drinks. Whether you’re a Zendesk customer, in the customer support biz, or […]

SnapABug Puts Support Reps in the Customer’s Shoes

February 3, 2010

Zendesk provides you with a Dropbox that you can embed on your website and that gives your customers an easy and nearby way of providing you with instant feedback. Now SnapABug has taken the concept further and packed it with some useful additional features. SnapABug cofounder and CEO Jerome Breche said SnapABug can be added to any […]

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