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Managing Customer Email Subscriptions Just Got Easier

February 2, 2010

Sound familiar? A customer contacts your support desk demanding to be removed from the company’s mailing list. Or, on the other hand, say they want to receive an email when the latest version is released. Well, thanks to a pretty cool integration with Contactology – a provider of email marketing and online survey technologies – […]

Email Aliases, Group Views, Forwarding, More… Stay Updated on Feature Additions and Bug Fixes

February 1, 2010

If you haven’t noticed already Zendesk is now rolling out a release every weekend. Most releases carry new features, additions and bug fixes. The last months have seen the addition of the following features amongst others: Group-specific views and macros: Aside from the views that you create for everybody in your help desk, you can […]

Tip of the Week: Using Targets to Archive a Mail Copy of Solved Tickets

January 29, 2010

Recently, we mentioned how one of our customer’s enhanced their support workflow by integrating their Zendesk with their project management tool. They accomplished this by leveraging Targets within Zendesk. Targets are a very useful part of Zendesk that often goes under-utilized. In this week’s Tip of the Week, we’re going explain the basics of targets […]

Using Triggers & Targets to Integrate with Project Management Tool LiquidPlanner

January 28, 2010

Harte-Hanks, a Global Sales & Marketing Service Provider, recently took charge of its support workflow in Europe by tying together Zendesk with LiquidPlanner, an online project management tool. Harte-Hanks supports and services clients all over the globe from offices around the world. The company needed a flexible yet highly customizable system that wouldn’t strain the […]

AutoPark iPhone App Shifts Customer Support Into Fast Lane

January 27, 2010

AutoPark is an iPhone and iPod touch app designed as an essential driving companion – with features that enable hapless motorists to: Avoid parking tickets by getting alarm reminders before their meters run out. Remember where they parked. Find nearby services (for example, gas stations or banks). Easily share parking information with others via email. […]

Worst. Day. Ever.

January 26, 2010

It has been raining for the last week here in San Francisco. And when it rains it pours. And that’s a very fitting picture of the situation at Zendesk Ops the last 48 hours. It started Sunday morning (PST) where a planned hardware maintenance with our service provider exceeded the one hour service window with […]

Connecting Email to your Help Desk

January 26, 2010

One of the more important aspects of your business help desk is how you capture customer questions, issues, problems, etc. While every organization is different in this regard, email remains a very popular way to gather incoming support requests. We like the ease that email offers as well. It’s a tool most everyone already uses, […] Uses Zendesk For Beta User Feedback

January 25, 2010, a TechStars’ company that raised $1.2M earlier this month for its multi-platform comic publishing platform, is launching its beta version under the “release early, release often” tenet, according to recent article on ReadWriteWeb. The RWW article describes how is using a combination of Zendesk, GetSatisfaction, and other tools to manage early-stage feedback and […]

The help desk, ITIL and getting things done

January 11, 2010

A help desk is only as good as the processes you define for it. When setting up your help desk, it’s important to ask: what are the steps you need to take in order to best serve your customer support requests? And what are your ultimate goals

Ensuring the Customer Service Feedback Loop with SurveyGizmo

January 4, 2010

  There are a limitless number of ways to extend Zendesk, and SurveyGizmo, the maker of simple executable online surveys, has implemented a very cool use for Zendesk to automate their customer interaction workflow. SurveyGizmo uses Zendesk for all their customer interactions by integrating a link to a customer feedback survey attached to notifications of […]

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