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Help Desk Shockwaves

March 11, 2008

This is probably the closest analogy to the inexplicable backlogs that sometimes just materializes in high-volume help desks. You may perform all the organizational fine-tuning, ITIL training, Airport and Apollo 13 simulation you can dream of, but when volume gets high this stuff just happens. From New Scientist: Traffic that grinds to a halt and […]

Time Tracking with Harvest

February 25, 2008

[2015 update: You may have noticed this post is pretty old. Here’s more up-to-date information about how Zendesk and Harvest work together.] Time tracking can be an essential need for a help desk. If ticket processing involves actual tasks and work orders carried out, or if customer support contracts are billed on time and material […]

Yeah Zenbaby!

February 24, 2008

This little troublemaker arrived on December 10 to the great joy of her family and of course the Zendesk team, whereof yours truly is her proud father. And now a Zendesk fan has sent this printed body. The entire team and Miss Zenbaby herself sends our warmest regards and many thanks!


February 12, 2008

This weekend’s update brought amongst other features and fixes also support for WYSIWYG editing of forum content. For ongoing updates on product improvements and new features, please review our support forums.

100 Days: 1,000 Customers

February 7, 2008

Mid-January we achieved one of our first milestones, reaching 1,000 customers on Zendesk. We launched on October 1st 2007 so our first 100 days have been pretty hectic and it doesn’t seem to stop. Two of the keywords for developing our product and our business were convenience and especially transparency. In that tradition we would […]

Zendesk Announces Support for OpenID

January 20, 2008

  Today’s update brings OpenID support to Zendesk. OpenID is an open, decentralized, free framework for user-centric digital identity. It is aimed at solving the problem of Web single sign-on. If you struggle with keeping track of different usernames and passwords at different websites where you have an account, OpenID can help you. With OpenID […]

Introducing Branding

January 20, 2008

We have today introduced branding in Zendesk. The new feature allows help desk owners to change the look and feel of their help desk with a custom header, logo and colors. Gone is the default green Zendesk color scheme and the flower heart logo. The branding functionality is available in the Small plan and up. […]

Support Several Email Addresses

January 15, 2008

The latest Zendesk update introduced the ability to create business rules conditioned by the recipient address in incoming e-mails. All Zendesk accounts have a default support mail address formatted as All mail sent to that address spawn a ticket or an update to an existing ticket. You can map an address in your own […]

Coming Soon

January 9, 2008

Within the next couple of days Zendesk will be upgraded to a new version that carries a number of improvements and new features. Most noticeably will be a new liquid layout (click here for a definition). It will resemble the current design but will provide more screen real estate for our intensive users. Furthermore the […]

Signup Revised

January 9, 2008

In December we also redesigned our signup procedure. Previously your credit card info was required to sign up for a trial. We discovered that this prevented some from trying our larger plans and experiencing the true benefit of working with a multi-agent help desk. So that has been changed and a credit card is no […]

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