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Custom Fields, Powered by Tags

June 13, 2008

Within the next week we’re going to release support for custom fields in Zendesk. And that by popular demand. One of the most requested features has been the ability to add a custom descriptive property to a ticket, that being an impact category, a custom priority, a purchase type, a computer model, etc. And that […]

Live Support Chat

May 25, 2008

Customers have queried us about chat features in Zendesk for providing “live support” services. It’s not an area we’re heading into, but we are going to demonstrate how such functionality can be integrated pretty easily using Zendesk widgets. We have made a proof-of-concept integration to Campfire from 37Signals. Campfire is a clean cut web-based group […]

Love Your Help Desk

May 25, 2008

Together with Shiny Shiny we have asked their readers to share with us their experiences with really terrific customer support. What does it take to provide a memorable and caring support experience? Readers from all over the world have responded and shared their stories, and you can read some of the below. We want you […]

To Have or Not to Have Agent Restrictions

May 13, 2008

When we first designed Zendesk, we agreed that we shouldn’t implement restrictions on agent’s access to tickets. Our experience with other systems was that agent restrictions led to confusion and unnecessary complexity, because it could quickly become unclear why two agents couldn’t see each other’s tickets or ticket comments. Our reasoning was that for a […]

Embrace Customer Complaints

May 12, 2008

A new study by Society for New Communications Research provides several interesting facts. For example that a majority of consumers regularly research companies’ customer care online prior to purchasing products. The study shows that consumers are increasingly using social media to share feedback on their customer care experiences, and finds that it has become increasingly […]

Zengirl and the Machine

May 7, 2008

Ever since Zenbaby was featured here on the blog, Zengirl has been pretty jealous. So here she is now unpacking one of our brand new Zendesk branded Buddha Machines.

Painless Customer Support

May 7, 2008

Say hello to Help Desk Buddhy, the new Zendesk mascot. He’s currently featured in our new banner ads, making his debut these days, but we hope to see a lot more to him in the future.

Reporting Reengineered

April 29, 2008

Reports have been relaunched this weekend, providing our customers with an intuitive analytics tool for ticket data in a very familiar format. The new tool makes it straight forward to monitor implemented KPIs or provide your customers with visualized data for your SLA reports. Get all the details on the new reports in our customer […]

April Updates

April 25, 2008

April has been a quiet month here on the blog, but the Zendesk application has been subject to a stream of small changes, new features and improvements. Here they are in headlines: Admin now has more privileges that earlier was reserved for account owner only. The tagging interface has been refined and tags are auto-suggested. […]

Thanks for Sharing the Zen

April 2, 2008

Thank you everyone who took our customer survey last month. You gave us very qualified input for the continued development of our product. Twenty lucky winners of the incredible Buddha Machines were found by random. Congratulations, you can expect your Buddha Machines delivered by the end of the month. Don’t forget that you can always […]

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