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Why every support team needs a data analyst

March 21, 2016

Meet Sarah, Senior Data Analyst on Zendesk’s Global Customer Advocacy team, who shares how she made the move from advocate to analyst and clues us into the types of support stories data can help tell

See the customer journey more clearly: Introducing the Pathfinder app

March 18, 2016

The Pathfinder app allows you to provide more personalized support. Advocates are given insight into which Help Center articles and community forum posts customers have already viewed

Community Tip: Set up Zendesk ticket threshold notifications for email and Slack

March 17, 2016

Notifications are incredibly helpful and can offer instant business insight, but everyone knows they quickly become bothersome if you’re getting too many at a time. The answer to this conundrum is simple

Let the machines do the learning: Introducing Satisfaction Prediction

March 15, 2016

Support agents have a lot on their plate. Agents must respond to a wide variety of questions, constantly flexing their problem-solving muscles, while also working to keep the customer satisfied

Answer your customer’s call with Basic Voice: Cloud-powered phone support available to everyone

March 15, 2016

If you were to step into a store on main street, you’d chat with the someone behind the counter for help. That immediate, personal interaction is the kind of positive support experience most businesses want

4 barriers to empathy in customer service

March 11, 2016

Empathy is a word that’s easily tossed around in customer service. It’s also a standard job requirement for any professional in a support role. But more than an industry buzzword, empathy is tough to muster on demand

How to maneuver a mega conference like SXSW

March 10, 2016

SXSW is what you make it. It can be a great learning experience, a huge party, or something in between. Here a few helpful tips

Community Tip: Show customer love by sending a personal follow up

March 8, 2016

This Zendesk Community Tip from Magoosh explains an easy way to remember to follow up with customers after a certain amount of time

5 times virtual digital assistants should take the lead with customers

March 4, 2016

Siri, Cortana, and other personal assistants have permeated our lives; every day we depend on them to help us with directions or to dictate text messages. But digital assistance transcends consumer devices and can range from

Finding what matters: How Tile zeroes in on the customer voice

March 3, 2016

Wouldn’t it be great if we never left our keys in the back of an Uber or our wallets behind at a restaurant? It can be hard to keep track of the little things in life, even when the little things are indispensable

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