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What is an online help desk?

Online help desk software is a centralized system for creating, tracking and solving customer support issues. Customer service teams use online help desk software to raise tickets for each question or request reported. They track the tickets all the way through to solution of the customer's problem.

Zendesk Support is multi-channel online help desk software for small businesses up to global enterprises. With Zendesk, companies can answer inbound questions, offer self-service support and build stronger customer relationships.

What's different?

With an online help desk, all of the resources required for customer support -- ticketing software, customer data, knowledge base, self-service, online learning, dashboards -- reside in the cloud. Customer service and technical support teams can respond to issues from anywhere at any time through a browser. Integration with other cloud-based apps for the management of assets, changes and configuration helps grow the online help desk into a complete ITIL service desk.

The benefits

Online help desk software gives companies a system for engaging with customers not only through the phone, but also through email, chat, social media, the website and community forums. Customer satisfaction rises when support and answers are available through so many different channels at once. With a ticketing system that tracks all interactions with each customer, support teams can start to build stronger relationships for the entire company.

When to take it online

A trial version of free software is a good way to gauge the fit of an online help desk. Many companies start with a free version that includes the features most support agents want: tracking, reporting, ticket escalation, live chat with customers, remote troubleshooting and knowledge base of common solutions. The most important factor is to get customer service out of spreadsheets and document files and into dedicated help desk software as soon as possible.

How Zendesk helps

Zendesk Support is a full-featured online help desk equipped with everything needed to build stronger customer relationships. Zendesk enables support teams to access all customer information in one place and provide accurate answers and solutions promptly.

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