Collaboration Add-on

Collaboration Add-on

Equip agents with the tools they need to efficiently collaborate with other teams. With the Collaboration add-on, agents can efficiently communicate with other teams they need to get involved in solving customer questions – all within Zendesk Support.

It’s a team effort

Agents are on the front lines with your customers, but they don’t need to be the only one with all the answers. With the Collaboration add-on, agents can use Side Conversations to communicate with anyone inside or outside your company without needing to give them access to Support. You can also let other teams become light agents so they have access to Support and can make internal comments.

Streamline communication

When solving a ticket, agents often need subject matter expertise. Whether that’s a confirmation, approval or more information, agents can collaborate with other people through Side Conversations and Light Agents to find the right answers. Your agents remain the main point of contact for customers, so they can craft the perfect response to solve the ticket.

Collaboration Add-on

Find it all in Support

Agents can communicate with anyone without needing to leave Zendesk Support. All the answers can be found in a one location, so agents don’t waste time switching between communication channels and disrupting their workflow. Centralizing all their back and forths in one place makes it easy for agents to provide a seamless service customer experience.

Reach out with Side Conversations

When looking for guidance on a customer issue, agents can start a standalone side conversation with anyone via email or Slack, even if they’re not on your support team. Side conversations stay between the agent and the person they’re collaborating with, so your customer receives the right answer from the agent. And responses stay in the ticket, so nothing gets lost in translation.

Stay in the loop with Light Agents

Support teams often partner closely with other internal teams, such as billing, returns, and sales. Light agents can read and leave internal comments on tickets, which allows full agents to get the right context from a subject matter expert. This way, agents can have others involved in solving customer questions without needing to give them full access to Support.

“Side Conversations provides a way to communicate outside the ticket to the rest of the business, without leaving the ticket. This is a game changer.”

Zac Garcia

Customer Care at Fossil Group

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