Zendesk for Telecommunications

Plug into the right networks

Customers have many different ways to access content and to connect with businesses. For telecom providers, it's not enough to have the fastest network, the newest devices, or the most content—it's about providing the best customer experience. Zendesk empowers you to connect with your customers, deliver the information they want, and exceed their expectations.

Telecom leaders transforming the customer experience with Zendesk
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The Zendesk approach for Telecommunications

Connect on any channel

Keep up with your peers and take advantage of new services and markets. Each new offering—whether direct to consumer or targeted to business customers—must provide the best experience from the start. With Zendesk, customers can engage with your business on the channel they prefer. Start improving conversions and create the right experience in every offering.

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Extend your bandwidth

Data about your customers, the products they use, and the content they view exist in many parts of your business. With Zendesk Sunshine, you can put that data to use by pulling the right information into your agent's desktop, so they can deliver personalized support across any channel—with the right context about your customer.

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Build a strong connection

Customers want to have a conversation with their service provider whenever they need support. Engage with your customers like they do with family and friends. With Sunshine Conversations, you can have an ongoing dialog with your customers that enables them to explore content, try out new services, and manage their plans without having to navigate multiple sites and teams.

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Broadcast the right stuff

Harness the knowledge and expertise circulating in your business with a self-service solution. Create a help center with content to help customers get the answers they want. With Zendesk Guide and Answer Bot, you can scale your support, devote more time to complex issues, and empower customers to be their own support hero.

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Empower your people

When you work in Telecom your processes need to work seamlessly together. Give your employees access to the right information and systems that make it easier to provide the best customer experience. With Zendesk, you can add new applications, ensure collaboration, and integrate workflows across your business so everyone is on the same page.

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Expand easily and quickly

Tap into new markets

“With Zendesk, we can set up new markets in a matter of weeks and months versus years,” said Yulga. “Everything we have is digital, from our customer touchpoints to our onboarding, and the way we engage with our customers and allow them to manage their subscriptions through our mobile app.”
Megan Yulga

Marketing Manager at Circles.Life

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Make your support team a priority

Lighten their load

“Our employees love Zendesk Support because the automated replies give them confidence that their issues are being managed,” says Bedelis. “Our agents love it because it offers the perfect balance of simplicity and power.”
David Bedelis

Learning Technologies Specialist at Vodafone Hutchison Australia

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Build loyalty and trust

Put your customer first

“There's a significant weight placed on how we handle support. We're empowered to think outside the box and take care of customers in ways that I can't imagine are typical. We really try and offer a service that's above and beyond.”
Jon Keane

Director of Customer Support at Republic Wireless

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Make things simple for everyone

Create smooth workflows

“We've still got the DNA of a startup, despite being relatively large. We appreciate that, with Zendesk, we don't have to invest a huge amount in our own infrastructure, which would be a limiting factor in our growth.”
Peter James

Head of IT and Operations at Amaysim

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Boost efficiency and collaboration with partner integrations

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