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We Want to Buy You a Drink Tonight

Last updated August 31, 2010

The folks here at Zendesk cordially invite you to our Chicago meet-up tonight (Tuesday, Aug. 31). We’ll be hitting up the beautiful Old Oak Tap that, despite its name, is actually quite new. The snazzy little bar only opened in 2008 and has quickly endeared itself to locals. And really, who couldn’t immediately start liking a place that serves 48 different kinds of beer?

And speaking of liking, the other bonus will be hanging out with Michael Folmer Hansen, Zendesk’s vice president of business development. Michael will be visiting from our San Francisco office and promise to regale you with stories about Zendesk, scuba diving, and anything else you’re up for asking.

When: Tuesday, Aug. 31 6-8:30 p.m.

Where: Old Oak Tap, 2109 West Chicago Avenue

Why: Hello, because we’re buying!

Register here.

Photo courtesy of Mike Warot.