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3 Reasons Why Product Mediocrity Will Never Die

September 1, 2010

Before blogs, Facebook, Twitter, and Yelp, it was pretty easy to push a bevy of products into the hands of customers, even if said products kind of sucked. All it took was a slick marketing campaign and before you knew it, bam! Everyone had a Slap Chop. But these days, customers have a lot more […]

Will Tweet for Beer: How Epic Beer Is Reaching Customers

August 31, 2010

Epic Beer is a boutique, premium brewery based in New Zealand. It’s winning accolades all around the world for the quality of its product, but more relevant to us here at Zengage, they’re doing it via direct conversations with the customer. Also cool is how the company is heavily leaning on its social media channels […]

We Want to Buy You a Drink Tonight

August 31, 2010

The folks here at Zendesk cordially invite you to our Chicago meet-up tonight (Tuesday, Aug. 31). We’ll be hitting up the beautiful Old Oak Tap that, despite its name, is actually quite new. The snazzy little bar only opened in 2008 and has quickly endeared itself to locals. And really, who couldn’t immediately start liking […]

Zendesk For Twitter Webinar

August 31, 2010

As more and more consumers turn to Twitter to express their woes about brands and customer service, how does your company keep an eye on the social network to monitor and respond to these conversations and complaints? Join us as we discuss the new Zendesk-Twitter integration where users can feed tweets into business workflows and […]

Write The Company: Sweating It out With Gatorade

August 30, 2010

They say Corporate America has no sense of humor. Are “they” right? Find out by following Write The Company — a consumer humor blog consisting of crazy consumer affairs and customer service letters about everyday products, services and brands … and what the companies behind them had to say about it. Each week Zengage brings […]

Area Restaurant Refuses Steve Jobs and It’s Good for Business

August 26, 2010

Residents of San Francisco know that if you don’t have a reservation at Flour + Water, one of the city’s hottest new restaurants, you’re probably not going to get a seat, especially on a Saturday night. And even a reservation isn’t easy to come by—you’ll have to make one now for a table in October. […]

The Price Isn’t Always Right: How Courting Customer Loyalty Through Discounts Fails

August 25, 2010

Everyone’s on a paper chase these days. Companies are squeezing dollars until they holler, and consumers are haggling like veterans to grab every bit of savings they can from almost every store interaction. But what happens to those stores that focus on price as the primary means to nurture their consumer base? Do they always […]

We Really Like You! FreshBooks’ Customer Service

August 24, 2010

Warning: What you are about to read can be easily dismissed as a schmaltzy feel-good spin. But I’ve spent a reasonable amount of time talking with the crew from FreshBooks, the Canadian-based invoicing company that boasts hundreds of thousands of customers all around the world. I’ve always been impressed with just how friendly this crew […]

UCLA’s Help Desk Moves to the Head of the Class

August 23, 2010

“Zendesk’s price, convenience and ease of use were unbeatable. The solution delivers loads of features, but at the same time, it’s highly configurable. We don’t have to host and maintain yet another application on our servers.” – Cathy McCann, Help Desk Supervisor, UCLA Department of Psychology The University of California, Los Angeles (UCLA) is one […]

Webinar: Tips and Tricks for Getting the Most Out of Zendesk

August 21, 2010

Original Webinar Date: Ongoing since Summer 2010 We will dig into the following parts of Zendesk: Using custom Views to manage tickets Customizing Triggers for instant notifications Managing ticket resolution with Automations Ideal for: Zendesk admins and agents. Time: 1 hour Presentation Slides

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