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Track Your Support Tickets For CRM Contacts With The BatchBook Integration

March 22, 2010

Join us this Wednesday for a new special topic webinar with our friends at BatchBook. BatchBook is a social CRM tool that allows you to reclaim your work-life balance — track and collect information about your customers, leads, and contacts in reach without all the complexities. BatchBook has an integration with Zendesk. This two-way integration […]

Single Sign-On with the Magento Ecommerce Platform

March 19, 2010

Magento is a richly customizable e-commerce platform that gives online merchants total control over their online store’s look, content and functionality. Now merchants can provide equally elegant customer service by integrating Zendesk into their Magento administrator dashboard. Thanks to Magento plugin developer Turbobird, customers of a Magento-hosted store can now create and view open Zendesk […]

Tip of the Week: Organize Incoming Tickets with Multiple Email Addresses

March 18, 2010

As we’ve discussed previously, two important aspects of building your help desk workflow are Collecting and Processing your incoming tickets. You want to make it easy for your customers to get in touch but you also want to parse and sort through all the various requests. One way to handle this in Zendesk is to […]

Catch the GroundWork Webcast! Ready-to-Go Monitoring & Ticketing

March 17, 2010

I’d like to encourage system and network administrators (and those who work with or manage them) to signup for next Thursday’s free webcast with our friends from GroundWork Open Source (GWOS) — the provider of the most widely deployed commercial open source based IT management and network monitoring solution. This webcast introduces a new combined […]

Geographically Dispersed Element Customer Care Gets on the Same Page

March 16, 2010

Based in Durham, North Carolina, Element Customer Care serves the cable industry with billing services, tech support and customer service call center operations and management. The company has nearly 250 employees and full-time contractors serving 400 cable franchises in 29 states. Since their business is truly based on providing superior support services, the company’s ability […]

Tip of the Week: Use Automations to Send Alerts When a Ticket Needs a Reply

March 11, 2010

The keys to outstanding customer support are simple to understand, but as anyone who’s handled customer issues can tell you, they can be difficult to execute. Answering one customer email in a timely and thorough manner might be easy; but replying to five, 10, 20 emails in an hour? For that, it helps to have […]

Connect Customer Support and Engineering with Pivotal Tracker

March 10, 2010

We’re pleased to announce that Pivotal Tracker’s new Zendesk integration now makes the conversation between your support and engineering organizations even easier. The Zendesk engineering team relies on Pivotal Tracker — an award-winning, agile project management tool — to track, prioritize and deliver product updates that matter to our customer the most. We use our own Zendesk […]

Join The Small Business Web & the Zendesk Crew at SXSW

March 9, 2010

We love Austin. The food. The music. The people. If you plan on attending the SXSW Interactive conference this year from March 12-16, you’ll see what we mean (if you don’t know already). ??SXSW is short for South by Southwest and also the name of company behind the conference — five days of presentations from […]

Denver Broncos Score With Simplicity

March 8, 2010

IT engineer Gil Bencomo likes to keep complex things simple. So when he became the sixth member of the Denver Broncos nimble IT team in 2009, he pulled out a playbook from his recent past. First order of business: Change the quarterback (that means “help desk” in IT support lingo) to Zendesk. “They’d been using a competitor’s software for […]

Tip of the Week: Turn Tickets into Canned Responses with Macros

March 4, 2010

One of the ways in which Zendesk can speed up your support time is through Macros. Macros are canned responses, enabling you to quickly respond to common requests with a standard reply. You can add, edit, and remove macros by selecting Macros in the Manage tab in your Zendesk. But what’s the best way to […]

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