Contact Center Solutions

Contact center solutions

Enhance your phone support and create meaningful customer relationships with insights to full customer histories, automatic ticket creation, and call recording from a single contact center solution.

Zendesk Talk gives businesses the tools they need for fast and flexible phone support, no matter the industry.

Set for Success

Cloud-based software is the perfect choice for call center solutions and quality management. Teams can set their own guidelines and goal ranges for how quickly tickets should be resolved. Service level agreements (SLAs) and triggers for automatic notifications alert customer service teams when tickets are moving out of their goal range. The dynamic ticket tracking holds support agents to deliver a consistent high-level of quality when responding directly through the system.

Live Ticket-Tracking

Customer service agents can quickly see if a ticket is within goal range or is nearly out of it with a contact center solution. By accessing the ticket from a centralized platform, agents can tell if other team members accessed the ticket or are actively resolving it, and if the customer is actively involved too. No need to second-guess or message other agents about a ticket’s status – the technology makes it clear and accessible to the entire customer service team.

Feedback From Every Channel

The best call center solutions provide unified communications for how customers can reach out to agents and agents can respond to customers. Track calls, start a quick chat, reply to social media messages and comments, and even text with the customers on SMS or Facebook Messenger. Add an integration with another technology solution, like a content management system, to broaden where feedback comes from.

It’s All in the Details

Reporting and analytics in contact center solutions deliver insights that improve customer journey management and support team responses, like with group routing, real-time queue monitoring, and spikes in volume depending on the day and time. Customer experiences can be better optimized with service level agreements (SLAs) to enhance your customer service team’s processes and performances.

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Zendesk Talk is a VoIP system that’s simple to implement and easy to use. There are many available resources to help you learn more about providing great service over the phone and the benefits of proactive support. Learn more.

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