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Measure customer loyalty and track sentiment

Built into Zendesk, NPS surveys measure customer loyalty and empowers your company to track customer sentiment and gather feedback.

Get cozy with your customer

Imagine that you’ve just dropped a glass of water in a customer’s lap. Chances are that the look on their face will tell you how they feel. Unfortunately, in the age of digital transactions, we aren’t often face to face with our customers. This is especially true when a business is scaling fast, adding lots of customers at once.

But that doesn’t mean businesses are off the hook for understanding their customers’ experiences. There are lots of ways to collect customer feedback—even from afar. One of the most common tools is a customer survey, Net Promoter Score℠ (NPS). NPS is an industry standard for measuring your customers’ willingness to recommend your product or service to others. It asks customers to rate their willingness to recommend you on a scale from 0 – 10.

Enjoy the benefits

To help bring companies closer to their customers, we’ve introduced a Net Promoter Score (NPS) survey built right into Zendesk.

  • Digging deeper. Our NPS surveys include a follow-up free form question asking customers to explain their rating. We’ve found that digging deep into the comments provided is a great way to understand the real reasons behind their frustrations.
  • Say whaaaat? Customers want to leave detailed feedback, and this information is a treasure trove for companies. 53% of NPS survey respondents choose to leave open-ended comments explaining why they gave the rating they did. Looking at the length of open feedback as measured by word count, 75% of detractor comments contain more than 50 words. Your unhappy customers want to be heard!
  • I see you. Each customer’s NPS rating and comments are automatically displayed on their user profile in your Zendesk, so your team will always know how the customer feels about your business before they even say hello. What would you do differently if you knew your customer was a detractor and not a promoter? You’ll probably tailor your conversation quite a bit to fit your customer’s sentiment.

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How Zendesk helps

NPS ratings and comments are displayed in your Zendesk, so your team will know how the customer feels about your business before they even say hello.

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