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  • Integrated ticketing across email, Tweets and Facebook wall posts An integrated system to engage customers via email, Tweets and Facebook wall posts and easily convert them into tickets.
  • Business rules Initiate workflows triggered by ticket changes or time-based conditions. Zendesk comes with pre-configured business rules that we recommend as best practices.
  • Customer details and interaction history Provide agents with relevant details on the customer and surface a list of recent interactions with the customer so agents have the context they need to provide help.
  • Out-of-the-box reporting and analytics Analyze your performance using prebuilt dashboards that include best practice customer service metrics.
  • Apps and integrations - Prebuilt Tap into 1,000+ prebuilt apps and integrations available from the Zendesk Marketplace to unite your favorite tools and important business data without writing a single line of code. Or build your own apps for exclusive use within your account, using our App or Channel Framework. If you are a customer on the Professional or Enterprise plan, you can also build your own apps for exclusive use within your account, using our App or Channel Framework.

Support Professional

$49 per agent/month billed annually

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  • Everything in Team plus:
  • Business hours - Essential Define business hours in Zendesk to let your customers know your support availability.
  • Customer satisfaction surveys Let customers provide feedback about their support experience by rating their solved tickets. When you enable CSAT (customer satisfaction ratings), end-users receive an email 24 hours after the ticket has been set to solved that asks them to briefly evaluate their experience.
  • Multilingual support and content Provide support and localize your help center in multiple languages (40+).
  • Automatic redaction Remove credit card numbers from incoming tickets, comments & custom fields to prevent the credit card number from being stored in Zendesk so that you can protect confidential information.
  • Service Level Agreement (SLA) management Measured to the minute and applied based on the conditions you set, SLAs can be added to any view so your team can easily see status and avoid breach.

Support Enterprise

$99 per agent/month billed annually

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  • Everything in Professional plus:
  • Conversation routing based on agent skill Get tickets to the right agent based on their expertise so that they’re served a ticket they can efficiently solve.
  • Custom team roles and permissions Specify granular permissions for agents, and control what they have access to in Zendesk.
  • Customizable agent workspaces Display the relevant ticket form and macros that pertain to that ticket, and pre-select apps to have expanded and collapsed.
  • Third-party data storage Store Zendesk data, files and third party data in our flexible and open platform. Learn more about data by plan here.
  • Sandbox test environment Replicate your configurations, customizations and metadata into a partial copy of a non-production environment for testing, development and/or training purposes.

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Frequently asked questions, answered.


How can I buy your software?

After clicking “Buy now”, you will create a Zendesk account and immediately be able to purchase your software. You can easily pay by credit card or Paypal. Customers who prefer to purchase through our sales representatives can opt to pay via invoice.

How long are your contracts? Can I upgrade or downgrade my subscription?

Plans are month-to-month or annual. You can start/stop or make changes to your plan at any time (but note that refunds are not given for cancellation or downgrades). Learn more here or contact us for details.

I need something more than just a ticketing system — what other options do you offer?

If you are looking for something more robust, our Zendesk Suite plans are the simplest way to get up and running with everything your team needs to deliver seamless support across channels at great value, starting from $49 per agent/month (billed annually).

Are there any add-ons?

To supplement your existing plan, additional usage and capacity-based add-ons can be purchased by through our sales team. See plan details for more information.


How does the free trial work?

When you sign up for your trial, you'll have access to all features on the Support Professional plan. If you want to trial a specific plan, just contact us. At any point during the trial you can choose a plan and pay by credit card or Paypal from within your account.

What happens after the trial ends?

At the end of your trial, your data and setup remains intact. You can login and select a plan to purchase.


What's an agent?

An agent is what we call anyone who logs into Zendesk. Each rep, admin, or manager needs their own agent license. Add as many agents as you want on any plan.

What resources are available to ensure I'm getting the most out of my Zendesk?

Customers on any Zendesk plan have access to online support, as well as the Zendesk Help Center, on-demand training, and Community. For additional fees, customers can access prescriptive guidance, custom training, hands-on configuration, 24/7 support, and implementation services to ensure teams are set up for success.

Does Zendesk integrate with other applications & systems?

We have thousands of pre-built apps and integrations available through the Zendesk Marketplace. You can also build almost anything you want on top of the Zendesk platform via our developer API.

How do you protect your customers’ data?

We combine enterprise-class security features with comprehensive audits of our applications, systems, and networks to ensure customer and business data is always protected. Take a look at the security measures we take to protect your business and your customers.

More questions?

Our Help Center is open 24/7. You can also reach out to our global support team. We're here to help.