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Zendesk Chat Pricing
Billed annually (per agent per month) $0 $14 $29 $59
Billed monthly (per agent per month) $0 $19 $35 $70
Total AgentsTotal number of agents supported by the plan.
only 1 Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited
Support from the Zendesk team
Self-service Help Center & CommunityRegularly updated Help Center with articles about Zendesk Chat features and use cases
Email supportEmail us on
Live chat supportReal-time support via the chat widget on our website
24x5 24x5 24x7
Chat experience
Concurrent chatsNumber of simultaneous chats
only 1 Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited
Chat RatingAllows visitors to rate their chat experience
ShortcutsConvert a few characters into complete sentences using preset commands
Automatic translationChats are automatically translated within the Dashboard (powered by Google Translate).
Android and iOS AppsAndroid and iOS Apps
Pre-Chat formAsk visitors for their personal information before starting a chat
Offline formVisitors can send you a message when you are not logged into the Dashboard (or appearing Invisible)
Always On Customizable Customizable Customizable
File SendingTransfer files between you and your visitors
Chat HistoryBrowse past chats.
only 30 days Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited
Visitor listMonitor all visitors on your website right from the Zendesk Chat Dashboard. View their country of origin, browser, OS, and referrer
Chat tagsOrganize your chats and give them context with customizable labels
Transfer chats between agents and departmentsThe agent serving a chat can transfer it to another agent or department
TriggersTriggers let you automatically create actions based on specific criteria - a great way to target high value leads
2 Triggers Unlimited Unlimited
DepartmentsGroup your agents into different departments
2 Departments Unlimited Unlimited
Operating HoursEnsure you're always available when your customers need you by managing your agents' online/offline status
Chat routingAutomatically route incoming chats to assigned agents
Skills-based routingBy automatically pairing customers with the right agent, you can reduce response times and increase customer satisfaction.
Roles and permissionsSpecify granular permissions for agents, and control what they have access to in Chat.
High Load DashboardCustomers who have increased traffic can use the High-load dashboard and enjoy a smoother experience
Chat widget customizationChange the title, color, and position of the chat widget
Advanced widget customizationChange the widget size, message styling, and add an agent avatar
Chat BadgeCatch your visitor's attention with a prominent Chat Badge
Customizable Customizable Customizable
Hide widget when offlineHide the chat widget from your website when you are not logged into the dashboard (or appearing invisible)
Widget unbrandingRemove the "Zendesk Chat" branding from your chat widget
Analytics and reporting
Chat and agent reportsTrack your chat volume, monitor agent productivity, and use the metrics to anticipate customer needs and increase satisfaction.
Only by Organization By Organization and Department
Email reportsQuick overview of chat and agent activity delivered straight to an admin’s inbox
Only Weekly/Monthly Daily/Weekly/Monthly
Agent leaderboardBrowse your agent stats, including chats served, completed, response time, average duration, and satisfaction ratings
Conversion trackingCreate business goals to measure how often your customers complete target objectives— like making a purchase, or signing up for your newsletter. Learn more.
Real-time monitorUse real-time metrics on chat volume, visitor experience, and agent performance to identify potential problems and quickly remedy the situation.
Mobile Chat SDKBring live chat natively into your iOS and Android apps. Visit for more details.
Zendesk Support integrationIntegrate Zendesk Chat with Support and manage your customer interactions
Third-party integrationsIntegrations for WordPress, Shopify, Salesforce and JIRA
only 1 only 1 only 1 only 1
JavaScript APIMore granular customization options for the chat widgit. Visit for more details.
Zendesk MessageExtend live support to popular messaging channels like Facebook Messenger, Twitter Direct Message, and LINE
REST APIExport chat, agent, and visitor data into third party tools or build your own app to manage Chat data
Public appsConnect your favorite business tools and bring customer context and information into Chat. Requires Zendesk Support Team.
Private appsBuild your own Zendesk Chat App for exclusive use within your account. Requires Zendesk Support Professional.
Custom Font APIChange the font on the chat widget. Visit for more details.
Real-Time APIAll metrics in Real-Time Monitoring are available via the Real-Time API
Web SDKBuild a completely unique chat experience for your customers with the Web SDK
SSL EncryptionOur connections are ensured by the SSL encryption protocol.
Visitor banningBan specific IP addresses to avoid spam.
EncryptionCommunications between you and Zendesk servers are encrypted via industry best-practices HTTPS and Transport Layer Security (TLS)
In transit In transit In transit At rest (when you purchase the Advanced Security Add-On)
Disaster recoveryOur disaster recovery program ensures that our services remain available or are easily recoverable in the case of a disaster.
Standard Standard Standard Enhanced (when you purchase the Advanced Security Add-On)
Blacklist Country Hide the Zendesk Chat widget in specific countries.
Whitelist Domains Limit which websites can show your Zendesk Chat Widget and ensures that no-one can take your chat widget code and use it on other domains
IP access restrictionRestrict logins to the Zendesk Chat Dashboard and Account pages via a specific or range of IP addresses
Industry certification (including HIPAA)Zendesk has successfully completed a HIPAA/HITECH assessment and can make its Business Associate Agreement (BAA) available for execution by subscribers
Requires a Zendesk Support account

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