Zendesk for Print and Publishing: Taschen and Lonely Planet

When it comes to providing great customer experiences in print and publishing, we think our customers do it best. Watch Taschen and Lonely Planet’s stories to hear how they have scaled, innovated, and improved their support with Zendesk.

Taschen and Lonely Planet

“It’s truly a joy to see that Zendesk listens to its customers, to the actual needs they have, and then to see updates and products that comes out.”

Meral Karrasch

Operations Manager at Taschen

“Not only do we have the ability to keep our content up-to-date, but we are building a community and creating lasting relationships.”

Ellie Simpson

Traveller Communications Analyst at Lonely Planet

Products used

Scaling support

Taschen’s team of smooth operators

Since implementing Zendesk in 2015, Taschen has used it to optimize operations as the customer experience department has dramatically expanded in scope and responsibility.

Easy to use

Beautifully straightforward design

The Lonely Planet’s support team signed up for a free Zendesk trial and discovered the platform’s simplicity, power, and flexibility. The team uses it to track requests, collect customer feedback, and sleep easier at night.

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