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Building a best-in-class customer self-service experience

It’s common knowledge that the benefits of self-service for your customers, your team, and your company can be significant. Establishing the right knowledge management practices can allow your team to maximize your self-service potential and give your customers exactly what they increasingly prefer: the ability to self-serve and help themselves.

Taking your self-service to the next level requires work and preparation. But don’t worry; this guide is specifically designed to help you create the right practices internally and build the best self-service experience you can for your customers. You’ll learn how to:

1. Develop a solid foundation: Everything begins with the right talent—knowledgeable, committed agents who provide quality support and have the right institutional knowledge to share. Once you identify your knowledge contributors, then it all comes down to giving them the right tools, including AI-powered technology that enables great self-service support for your customers.

2. Create high-quality content: Without the right knowledge content, self-service support can only go so far, so it’s critical to understand how you can optimize your knowledge base to address where your customers truly need help. By empowering your agents to write and update knowledge base articles while they’re addressing support tickets, you can better fill your knowledge gaps and ensure you have the right content for your customers and internal team.

3. Become a knowledge-centered organization: By building a scalable framework for the constant creation and improvement of your knowledge base, you can ensure your whole team is aligned behind the right principles to make your help center content the best it can be. Establishing roles on your team can help with this process so it’s clear how each team member contributes to getting the right content into the hands of your customers.

Download the guide today to start developing more advanced knowledge management practices.

Building a best-in-class customer self-service experience