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Meet Advent Results

Advent Results scales its sales pipeline, process and performance with Sell

About the Company

Advent Results creates dynamic, inspiring and engaging brand spaces for corporate, educational and civic institutions.

The Challenge

As a rapidly growing company about to double in size, Advent Results knew that using Google spreadsheets to track and manage its sales contacts was no longer an effective solution.

Not only did Google spreadsheets take too much time and effort for reps to manually maintain, but they also offered very little insight into Advent’s sales pipeline. “We needed to scale our process,” says John Ericson, Sales and Marketing Coordinator at Advent Results. “To grow successfully, we knew that we needed to start collecting more data about our prospects and managing it in a more organized and insightful way.”

The Solution

Once Advent Results made the decision to go with Sell, the team was able to easily set up a sales pipeline and process customized to its unique requirements. Sell helps reps keep all prospect and customer information organized and in context throughout the entire sales process via lead, contact and deal cards. What’s more, all calls, emails and appointments are automatically tracked in Sell and attached to specific leads and contacts. Advent then uses Sell’s Smart Lists and Pipeline Report to monitor pipeline progress and see exactly where deals sit within its sales process.

The Results

Thanks to Sell, Advent now has a much clearer understanding of which deals are at what pipeline stage, how much revenue is in the pipe and when deals can be expected to close, resulting in a 50% increase in pipeline visibility. This level of insight empowers reps to more efficiently and effectively manage their sales cycles. “With Sell, we always know exactly where our business opportunities stand, and have all of the information we need to follow up and close the sale,” says J.Mac Brown, Advent’s VP of Operations.

The ability to quickly and easily enter and access information, coupled with automated communication tracking, saves Advent reps a considerable amount of time. “Not only does Sell’s email integration allow us to automatically monitor email sends and outcomes, but it also saves us time by enabling us to send and personalize emails in bulk,” says John. Advent estimates that using Sell has resulted in a 50% boost in rep productivity.

Next, Advent Results looks forward to leveraging Sell’s open API to sync data between its various project management and accounting systems to continue to enhance team productivity and streamline processes. “Base has been an invaluable partner during a time when we’ve essentially doubled in size,” adds J.Mac, “and we can’t wait to see what they help us achieve as we continue to scale in the future.”

Success Made with Sell Solutions

These solutions help Advent Results take their sales to the next level faster than ever.

Rep Productivity

Rep Productivity

Make every action count with tools proven to make sales reps 10x more productive.

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Email Intelligence

Email Intelligence

Enhance your communication with email tools designed to give your reps a competitive edge.

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Lead Tracking

Lead Tracking

Sell makes it easy to quickly gain context on leads and action follow up in record time.

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