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Meet TTI

IT company makes a bold switch and finds good data is easy to come by with Sell

About the Company

TTI Wireless is a New Jersey based IT company that provides communications services. For the past decade, they’ve increasingly deployed wifi services across various industries.

The Challenge

TTI Wireless is a trusted wired and wireless service provider that has been in the IT business for over 40 years. Evolving with the times, TTI Wireless has spent the past decade deploying WIFI services everywhere from schools to hospitals. TTI Wireless had just implemented Salesforce for their sales team when Sales Manager, Dave Dixon, decided that the investment was not worthwhile. Dave began searching for a better solution that would benefit reps and management all around.

Although TTI Wireless had just invested and configured Salesforce, nobody on the sales team had adopted or fully implemented it. Dixon commented that in his experience at several technology manufacturers, “Salesforce as a whole never really worked very well and it always required a dedicated administrator to keep it running.” Dave further explains why he thinks Salesforce is the wrong solution: it’s meant for the wrong audience. “I always felt that Salesforce was more about providing good reports for management at the expense of the sales reps having to deal with inputting data,” says Dave. So Dave decided to find a CRM that would break this cycle.

“I wanted a solution that I could get good data out of. If the sales reps don’t put good data into the CRM, and you get bad data in return, what good is it? ” He also wanted a solution that delivered full e-mail integration with Exchange and a full-featured mobile app. “We are experts at deploying WIFI, what would we be telling customers if we didn’t leverage mobile devices in our day-to-day activities.” “Other mobile CRM solutions are inadequate and not built to offer the full functionality of the desktop version.”

The Solution

TTI Wireless now uses Sell daily to manage both its inside sales team and field reps. Features like call logging, recording and reporting have all helped improve the teams’ sales. “Within one month the inside team was already using Sell to make calls and enter data,” Dave explains. With a lightning fast implementation and 100% adoption, Sell has accelerated productivity without burdening the team. “My sales reps don’t have to change the way they work. The field team uses Outlook and the inside team uses Sell for e-mail. There’s no cumbersome plug-in like Salesforce.” This is leaps and bounds beyond what Dave had previously experienced with Salesforce. “Everything you do in Salesforce requires multiple steps. That’s the problem. You’re asking busy sales folks who don’t like activities that interfere with making money to follow these new steps every week, and they don’t respond well.”

Sell has further given management ample and useful data to work with. Dave can now manage his pipeline effectively and uses smart lists to gain quick insights into his data. He has even set up custom notifications in Sell, making his reps more inclined to track and add notes when moving deals across pipeline stages: keeping him in the know. “Our next project with Sell will be to implement an automated customer satisfaction e-mail that will go out when a sales rep closes a deal as won.”

The Results

Switching to Sell meant switching to a solution made for sales reps. This has led to increased productivity and efficiency all around. “Base is easy to use. The reps spend less time using this than they would using something else, for example Salesforce.” Dave emphasizes how beneficial Sell has been in their rep’s day-to-day management, ultimately saving TTI Wireless hours every day.

“We have anywhere from 50-70 calls done per day by six people. With Salesforce your reps are spending 5 minutes or more clicking through tabs. It’s not ideal. But now, call after call, deal after deal, I know that the time saved with Sell adds up.”

Success Made with Sell Solutions

These solutions help TTI take their sales to the next level faster than ever.

Native Dialer

Native Dialer

Make more calls in less time with a built-in dialing system that powers meaningful conversations.

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Email Intelligence

Email Intelligence

Enhance your communication with email tools designed to give your reps a competitive edge.

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Reporting and Analytics

Reporting and Analytics

Uncover data-driven sales insights with robust, out-of-the-box visual reporting.

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