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Meet Zeel

Mobile health and wellness company shapes sales strategy with Sell

About the Company

Zeel is a mobile health and wellness company that offers same day, in-home, on-demand massages for customers across the country.

The Challenge

Zeel is an on-demand massage booking service that revolutionizes the concept of R&R. Their home-delivery massage services bring health and wellness conveniently to your doorstep, a much-welcomed change in today’s hectic world. With services offered in twelve cities and regional business development teams across the country, Zeel found that their existing contact management system couldn’t keep up with growth. James Holcombe, Expansion Manager, and Kevin Fugaro, Business Development Representative, discuss Zeel’s search for a new solution and the strategic power and insights they now have out of the box.

Early on Zeel used Highrise and Excel spreadsheets to manage their sales. This proved to be increasingly difficult as their regional offices expanded. “For us, visibility is imperative,” says James. “With Highrise we didn’t have a centralized way to analyze trends or track our client history across offices. It was very problematic.” Unable to make Highrise work, Zeel began looking for a new solution. “We were looking for a CRM that offered robust pipeline tracking capabilities, account management tools, and in- depth analytics. And we wanted all of these solutions to be ready out of the box.”

The Solution

Fast forward less than one year and Zeel has found the out of the box solutions they need with Sell. Zeel’s three week implementation consisted of data migration and process mapping, after which the sales team got up and running. Business Development Representative, Kevin Fugaro, explains that this was a welcomed change. “Before Sell, something as simple as moving between our contacts and deals was a nightmare. Everything was compartmentalized and nothing was easily accessible.”

Subsequently, the BDR team can target their outreach more efficiently thanks to Sell’s adaptable platform. “Base allows us to customize our experience when handling deals, and its user interface is incredibly intuitive. So it’s the best of both worlds: we can capture more specific information about our leads and access that information faster.” Features like mass emailing, email sentiment analysis and the Sell mobile app have expedited and streamlined their outreach processes even further.

The Results

“Base has given us the ability to share knowledge and gain insights from our sales reps,” and James is eager to see Sell’s continued impact moving forward. Kevin concurs, sharing that the knowledge Sell gives them is incomparable, and has helped to improve their strategies and establish best practices.

“Before Sell we were primarily cold calling. But when we looked at Sell we found that our email campaigns were in fact more successful than we realized. Knowing this was crucial to making our outreach efforts more successful.”

With a newfound level of visibility and cohesion in their sales, Zeel is able to refine their processes for maximum efficiency. “Base is the perfect feedback loop. By giving us the tools we need to understand our customers we can better shape our marketing, sales, and partnership strategies.” We look forward to watching Zeel’s remarkable journey as they continue to deliver comfort and care to thousands.

Success Made with Sell Solutions

These solutions help Zeel take their sales to the next level faster than ever.

Mobile Sales Management

Mobile Sales Management

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Email Productivity

Email Productivity

Integrate your email to easily send, receive and track communications directly in Sell.

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Customer Management

Customer Management

Everything you need to know about a customer in one place.

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