Open source FAQ software

Increase agent efficiency with FAQ software

There's no denying that it's important to have robust knowledge management software. After all, the more targeted your FAQ page is, the fewer calls your customer service agents have to field. This opens them up to focusing on more complex issues. And while you weigh the pros and cons of FAQ software for your business it's often helpful to try a free version of the software.

The inside scoop on open source FAQ software

When selecting a free knowledge management solution for your company, look for FAQ software that is open source or free and does the following:

  • Allows for searching a knowledge base by keywords or terms
  • Aggregates content from both external and internal sources
  • Keeps track of where the information comes from (like which employee contributed it)
  • Makes it fast and simple for the user to search for and find the correct document
  • Includes a dashboard or other easy way to access the information

Did you know?

One such free version of FAQ software is Zendesk's knowledge management solution. Zendesk uses artificial intelligence and predictive analytics to ensure an intuitive and efficient experience. Easy user access to Answer Bot reduces friction while upgrades include the Knowledge Capture app, which allows agents to publish articles in a few simple steps.

Next steps

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