Customer DIY: web self-service anywhere, anytime

Fast customer service matters. A recent report showed 69% of customers surveyed attributed their good customer service experience to a quick resolution of their problem.

Faster answers mean happier customers. A key approach to improving efficiency is giving customers the tools to help themselves. Meet them where they are and deliver better service through self-service.

Self-service happens wherever your customers are looking to find and discover helpful information.

  • Web self-service from your company’s website
  • Mobile self-service from your customer’s preferred device
  • Social self-service across Facebook and Twitter

Did you know customers actually prefer self-service? In fact, 72% of customers are going online to serve themselves, but only 52% are finding the information they’re searching for. This creates a huge opportunity for companies to stand out by providing a great self-service experience.

Realizing right-now service is the expectation of customers today—via smartphone, social media, or a company’s website—and optimizing your self-service to help meet their needs will enable you to deliver excellent customer service.

Our latest infographic explores the rising demand for customer self-service.

Better service through self-service

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