Step-up your customer support with Zendesk

Step-up your customer support with Zendesk

Zendesk Support Professional Plan

The Zendesk Support Professional Plan gives your company advanced tools that will help you manage your support workflow, have clearer visibility into your customer interactions and make data-driven decisions.

Prioritize and elevate support

Understand the lifecycle of every customer interaction to maximize team efficiency and positively impact your bottom line. Use features like the Time Tracking App to capture the time agents spend on tickets, Service Level Agreements to monitor service targets and meet goals, and Customer Satisfaction Surveys to offer your customers the ability to rate the support they received and follow up to learn more.

Step-up your customer support with Zendesk

Scale and customize

Set expectations and speak your customers’ language to build better relationships and deliver on consistent support. Access features like Business Hours to let your customers know your support availability and Dynamic Content for multi-language placeholders that dynamically inserts ticket content based on an end-user’s language preferences.

Analyze and report

Track the metrics that are right for your business to measure efficiency, agent performance and customer experience with advanced analytics powered by Zendesk Explore. Use pre-built, best practices dashboards to track common customer service metrics, filter data by team, date or custom fields, and export reports via PDF, Excel or image. Custom charts and dashboards available as an add-on in Explore Professional.

Streamline collaboration

Keep internal and external teams on the same page with tools like the Collaboration add-on*, which includes light agents and side conversations.

With side conversations, agents can easily share info, request a response or kick off processes with other internal and external teams. *Available to customers on the Professional plan as an add-on.

Brands trust Zendesk for scaling support

"Upgrading to the Support Professional plan has allowed us to put our customer service team on the front of driving improvement across the business using improved data capture and a better understanding of what changes affect CSAT."

Tom Kirby

Head of Customer Service

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