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How to provide transparency

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Building a Help Desk in Less Than an Hour

IT engineer Gil Bencomo likes to keep complex things simple.

Based in Denver, CO, IT engineer Gil Bencomo became the sixth member of the Denver Broncos IT team in 2009. His first challenge was to replace the team’s customer service software.

“They’d been using a competitor’s software for a while here with the Broncos,” Bencomo said. “It worked OK but I thought there might be a more user-friendly solution out there. I’d heard about Zendesk from my previous job and all the feedback was positive, particularly around ease of use.”

“I decided to check out Zendesk free trial and found I liked the simplicity of the solution,” Bencomo admitted. “I showed Zendesk to our team and everyone liked it. It’s simple and just easier.” Bencomo had the Broncos’ Zendesk up and running in less than an hour.

Creating Transparency = Faster Response Times

Bencomo and the rest of his IT team like that they are able to direct users who need support to their Zendesk. Users can easily submit tickets and customer support agents are able to see all these tickets in an instant — no matter where they are. If they’re away from their desks, for example, agents get pinged by their BlackBerrys and can resolve and close tickets on the go, from their mobile device.

“We all can see the tickets as they come in. The transparency of the solution helps us work better as a team. Everything is fast and simple now,” Bencomo said. “When we have a new user, for example, we add them in less than two seconds and we’re good to go.”

“It’s also nice that we could ‘Bronco brand’ the interface, according to Bencomo.