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How to provide great customer service through social media

Last updated March 19, 2014

In our new guide to “Providing Great Customer Service Through Social Media,” we explore some best practices for providing “social care” through channels such as Facebook and Twitter, including:

  • How to figure out where your customers are virtually socializing
  • What it means to listen from a customer service perspective, and how this will help you to plan staffing and resources, define priority criteria, and make decisions about workflow and self-service options
  • The importance of tracking volume, and how prioritizing different types of social interactions can help strike the balance between reactive and proactive social care
  • The importance of channeling The Flash. (Okay, admittedly, no superheroes figure in the guide, but we do talk about how speed of response is critical.)
  • What makes a great reply over social media (and how, once mastered, agents can be uber-efficient)
  • How to determine when to take an issue “offline”—and how to do it
  • Why social media demands that agents do more than just respond to problems, and how proactive care can help build relationships with customers
  • And, last but not least, what not to do on social media

But wait, that’s not all! In addition to the full guide, and because we realize that not all social platforms were created equally, we also put together some tip sheets aimed specifically at providing customer service through Facebook and Twitter. Download them here:

Tips for Providing Great Customer Service on Facebook
Tips for Providing Great Customer Service on Twitter