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Zendesk Message is a new customer messaging software that helps companies engage customers on their favorite messaging apps, like Facebook and Twitter.

Message is the Medium

Messaging has evolved into something new

Join the Evolution

Reach your customers – all of them

As the most popular digital communications channel, messaging gives businesses the opportunity to reach and market to a new generation of customers. It’s a support channel that’s “always on,” and it’s evolving into a primary driver of customer satisfaction. Zendesk Message is designed to help scale support on popular messaging apps—and it’s the next step in the evolution of customer support.


Giving bots a human touch

Bots are a great tool to help automate replies and reach more customers. Using Zendesk Message, businesses can blend human agents with bots to increase efficiency—and add that human touch.

"Bots on Messenger is a prime example of how conversational commerce is developing, and Spring is thrilled to work with Zendesk to deliver users a shopping experience that seamlessly integrates an automated personal shopping assistant with best-in-class concierge customer service."

- Alan Tisch, CEO, Spring Inc

Personalize your Relationships

Facebook’s Businesses on Messenger

Step One
Connect with customers on Facebook Messenger

Customers can opt-in to receive updates through Facebook Messenger after making a purchase

Step Two
Send customers detailed messages with rich media

Businesses start a conversation by pushing customized messages about order confirmations, shipping updates, and more

Step Three
The relationship continues to evolve

Customers can now have a real-time conversation with a business on Facebook Messenger and keep their order history in one place