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When it comes to support, customers expect an open invitation. With Zendesk, you can give it to them. Our omnichannel support offers simple, yet powerful solutions that make it easy for customers to engage with your business—where and when it’s right for them. Channels are connected so conversations are seamless, agents are more productive, and information can be shared across your company. It’s the experience customers want, and when you give it to them, they’ll be yours for life.

The Zendesk omnichannel approach

  • Connect in better ways

    Customers just want to solve their problem with the least amount of effort. As a business, you need the right strategy to make that happen. Omnichannel support simplifies channel switching, ends siloed conversations, and guides customers to the best solution for their issue.

  • Move like a modern business

    Zendesk doesn’t require a massive investment to get started. It works right out of the box, so you can meet customer needs with agility and speed. You see a quick return on your investment, and customers see a company that cares about their experience.

  • Communication with Zendesk
  • Zendesk on mobile
  • See the customer behind the ticket

    Omnichannel support with Zendesk means information sharing is built in. Connect everything you know about the customer to keep agents informed and create a common context across all channels. You can also leverage existing workflows, share data, and improve collaboration across teams to streamline operations, which means a better experience for the customer.

  • Start now, scale whenever

    Zendesk gets you up and running quickly, with a system that’s agile and easy to learn. It’s powerful enough to start working with the channels you need right now, but also flexible enough to help you provide support on new channels as you grow and scale.

Find the right channel for the job

  • Omnichannel support often starts with self-service. It’s easy to build a knowledge base so customers can resolve their support issues themselves—and most actually prefer to. It’s great for businesses as well; Zendesk Guide filters out the simple questions and repeat issues, so agents can focus on things that require a human touch.

  • Of course, not all issues are that simple. Some customers have sensitive problems that require a personal touch—financial information or medical questions, for example. In those cases, Zendesk Talk is a personal and powerful way to solve a problem. And even in the age of email and social media, phone support is still the first choice for many customers.

  • Other customers are just in a hurry, and need quick access to a real person. That's where chat and messaging support come in. Zendesk Chat and Message let your agents respond in real time, so complex or time sensitive problems can get the attention they deserve.

  • It’s all integrated within Support, where customer interactions across phone, chat, email, social media, and any other channel you can imagine come together in one place. Conversations happen in context, switching between channels is easy, and collaboration across teams happens naturally.

    This system is complete, but it’s also only the beginning. Zendesk Embeddables allow you to put Zendesk natively into your website or mobile app, so you can meet customers where they are and offer support in context.

    And for the flexibility to go even further, our APIs, Apps Marketplace, and Channel Framework help build powerful integrations and bring data from any source into Zendesk for a complete view of the customer.

See how it works

Think of the future with customers in mind

Omnichannel support is about reducing effort for the customer, but it’s also the cornerstone of any support program that’s built to last. Zendesk comes with an arsenal of tools to help you measure the customer experience, streamline operations, and plan for the future. Our customer satisfaction and Net Promoter Score surveys, and industry-leading reporting and analytics help you stay on top of how your customers are feeling—and how well your team is supporting them. From there you can inform business priorities by identifying patterns across usage, customer behavior, and common gaps in service.

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“The Zendesk omnichannel solution has enabled us to support our customers where they are, which has helped us achieve 96% SLA. From email support to Facebook engagement, Zendesk is intuitive for agents and easy to customize—and helps us deliver great customer support.”
— Steve Ross, Head of U.S. Customer Service at NYX Gaming

Choose a better way to a better support strategy

Zendesk offers a complete omnichannel solution. It gives businesses the agility they need to handle changing customer expectations without complexity or excessive administrative overhead. It’s easy to start with one channel and then add more without disrupting existing workflows or the customer experience. With innovative best practices, exceptional time-to-value, and flexibility, Zendesk offers businesses of all sizes a better choice for building better customer relationships.

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