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55 sales pros to follow on Twitter

Connect with some of the brightest minds in sales.

Af Lauren Funk

Senest opdateret March 8, 2024

Looking to gather top sales expertise?

While many resources are available, such as blogs, books, and podcasts, Twitter offers a way to learn from experts in 280 characters or less. Sales experts’ experience and insights are neatly presented on Twitter for quick review. Best of all, the information shared doesn’t cost you a cent.

We’ve rounded up 55 sales pros, based on criteria like how often they post, how many followers they have, and what their specialization is. From sales strategists and best-selling authors to coaches and negotiators, here are our top picks of sales experts to follow to help you become a better salesperson.

1. Ian Brodie

Handle:  @ianbrodie
Followers: 98.4K
Bio: Marketing coach, author
Specialization: Marketing, lead generation

His tweets: Two words describe the core of Ian Brodie’s winning sales strategy: follow up. His coaching helps businesses connect with new clients, but more importantly, he helps businesses maintain the connection, build the relationship, and form a bond of mutual trust that leads to better business for everyone involved. Ian is the author of multiple books, including Email Persuasion. His Twitter feed is a comprehensive list of the best business blog posts and info available online right now.

2. Jonathan Farrington

Handle:  @topsalesworld
Followers: 66.6K
Bio: CEO at JF Initiatives (Top Sales World, Top Sales Magazine, The Global Sales Directory)
Specialization: Sales training

His tweets: Jonathan Farrington is the CEO of JF Initiatives, which covers Top Sales World, a renowned source of sales info written and edited by the best in the business; Top Sales Magazine; and The Global Sales Directory. Jonathan’s Twitter account features links from TSW and elsewhere on the web. Common topics include prospecting, productivity, and leadership.

3. Jeb Blount

Handle:  @SalesGravy
Followers: 121K
Bio: CEO at Sales Gravy, author, keynote speaker, sales acceleration specialist
Specialization: Sales management, leadership, sales acceleration

His tweets: Jeb Blount founded SalesGravy.com and has developed it into an unstoppable force for change and improvement for sales professionals. Jeb has authored nine books on sales and leadership. He also has regular speaking engagements and shares a constant stream of business wisdom on Twitter.

4. Jeffrey Gitomer

Handle: @gitomer
Followers: 110K
Bio: CEO of Buy Gitomer, author
Specialization: Sales training

His tweets: Jeffrey Gitomer has reached millions of businesspeople with his best-selling books, including The Sales Bible, along with his Sales Caffeine e-zine, regularly published columns, and 100+ annual presentations. Jeffrey’s Twitter stream is full of pithy wisdom about customer relationships, business development, and communication.

5. Don Cooper

Handle:  @DonCooper
Followers: 64.1K
Bio: The Sales Heretic, sales trainer, keynote speaker, coach
Specialization: Sales training

His tweets: Don Cooper, The Sales Heretic, has made a name for himself sharing original thoughts and unique strategies for boosting sales — which he does often on Twitter. Don designs seminars around the specific needs of his clients, and his programs cover prospecting, social selling, presentation design, pricing, and other vital tips for creating and selling killer products and services.

6. Ron Karr

Handle: @RonKarr
Followers: 36.9K
Bio: Author, keynote speaker, consultant
Specialization: Sales leadership

His tweets: Ron Karr is an author, a seller, and a professional speaker, but more than anything, he is a leader. Ron’s leadership consulting is in high demand, and his signature program, Lead, Sell or Get Out of the Way, has inspired a book with the same title, aimed at ambitious sales executives. He shares sales tips specifically on leadership on his Twitter account.

7. Elinor Stutz

Handle: @smoothsale
Followers: 55.1K
Bio: Author, top 1% influencer, motivational speaker, consultant,
Specialization: Sales training

Her tweets: Elinor Stutz started the company Smooth Sale to empower business owners to thrive in today’s competitive market. Elinor’s motivational and inspiring talks and articles have garnered serious praise for Elinor as a purveyor of fresh ideas in the crowded sales landscape. Her tweets reflect that.

8. Paul Castain

Handle:  @PaulCastain
Followers: 114K
Bio: CSO at Castain Training Systems, sales trainer, speaker
Specialization: Sales training

His tweets: Paul Castain’s impeccable business pedigree includes stints at the legendary Dale Carnegie & Associates and several Fortune 500 companies. Paul’s Sales Playbook blog is a rich, free resource for sales professionals, and his sales trainings and coaching have been game changers for thousands of business owners and leaders. He shares these types of resources on his Twitter account.

9. Anthony Iannarino

Handle: @iannarino
Followers: 92.6K
Bio: Speaker, author, executive sales, marketing leader
Specialization: Sales coaching, B2B sales

His tweets: Anthony Iannarino is a top leader in B2B sales. He writes The Sales Blog and interviews other internationally respected sales experts on his podcast, In the Arena. In addition to best-selling books, Anthony publishes an incredible amount of useful information for salespeople via his blog, podcast, and social media presence.

10. Marco Giunta

Handle: @marcogiunta
Followers: 24.3K
Bio: Senior vice president of U.S. sales at CompuCom Systems
Specialization: Sales consulting, marketing


His tweets: Marco Giunta is a sales and marketing expert with a strong focus on web content. He works with companies to realign the vision of the sales team, marketing department, and executives so that the entire organization is working toward the same goals. Marco founded SalesConsulting.com and publishes his own thoughts on content marketing and business strategy at MarcoGiunta.com. His Twitter account is packed with information on a variety of topics, such as helping underperforming sales teams.

11. Eric Lofholm

Handle:  @EricLofholm
Followers: 42.4K
Bio: Sales trainer, keynote speaker, author
Specialization: Sales training, science of sales

His tweets: Eric Lofholm is a motivational speaker and sales trainer with over 14 years of experience teaching people how to consistently be top producers on their sales teams. His tweets include inspirational quotes from businesspeople, military generals, famous athletes, and even Star Wars. Eric is a Master Sales Trainer who has worked with Microsoft, RE/MAX, Honda, and dozens of other top-tier companies. His inspirational talks move individuals to better themselves and move companies to adopt new strategies in the art and science of selling.

12. Miles Austin

Handle: @milesaustin
Followers: 34K
Bio: “The Web Tools Guy,” sales and marketing speaker, sales trainer
Specialization: Sales tech, sales training

His tweets: Miles Austin is widely known as an authority on web tools for sales. He writes the popular Fill the Funnel blog and regularly tweets inspiring and practical info for sales leaders. Miles provides hands-on training and can be booked for public speaking events to help companies of all sizes perfect their sales processes.

13. Mark Hunter

Handle: @TheSalesHunter
Followers: 51.2K
Bio: The Sales Hunter, keynote sales speaker, author
Specialization: Sales training, sales motivation, sales leadership

His tweets: Mark Hunter is a veteran speaker and sales consultant with a keen focus on helping companies understand their customers’ needs and meet them better than the competition can. Mark’s tweets are packed with motivational insights on inside sales, leadership, business development, and more. After acquiring years of sales and marketing experience with Fortune 100 companies, Mark started his own consultancy, and he has been releasing books, blog posts, and videos of his dynamite presentations ever since.

14. Alen Mayer

Handle: @mayeralen
Followers: 19.8K
Bio: CEO and president at North American Sales Training Corporation, author, keynote speaker
Specialization: Sales performance, sales coaching

His tweets: Alen Mayer calls himself the Chief Sales Introvert, and his mission is unique: making sales and business leadership accessible to people who lack the outgoing extroversion of the archetypical salesman. Alen takes a personal interest in helping businesses build rapport with clients and uncover new opportunities. He speaks, he writes, and he does a stellar job of keeping in touch with his followers and the business community on Twitter.

15. Geoffrey James

Handle:  @Sales_Source
Followers: 32.9K
Bio: Speaker, award-winning sales blogger, author
Specialization: B2B sales, sales conversations, sales leadership

His tweets: Geoffrey James writes the popular Sales Source column on Inc.com and has written several books, including Business Without the Bullsh*t and The Tao of Programming. Geoffrey spent six years doing market research and product branding for a Fortune 100 company, and his combination of writing, programming, and business acumen make him a go-to expert for sales leaders on Twitter.

16. Ken Krogue

Handle:  @kenkrogue
Followers: 30.5K
Bio: Founder & board member at InsideSales.com
Specialization: Sales strategy, social selling


His tweets: Ken Krogue is the founder of InsideSales.com and offers research-based tips and best practices for sales, cold calling, remote selling, social selling, and lead-response management. Krogue is also a weekly contributor to Forbes. His insights are both tactical and strategic and can help entrepreneurs improve their process at any point in the sales cycle.

17. Jill Konrath

Handle: @jillkonrath
Followers: 43.9K
Bio: Keynote speaker, author, sales strategist
Specialization: Sales strategy, sales management

Her tweets: Jill Konrath is the author of four top-selling sales books with dozens of positive reviews. She was also chosen by LinkedIn as #1 B2B Sales Expert to Follow. She shares fresh strategies for selling on her blog, on Twitter, and on other social media platforms. She offers speaking engagements and sales training, and videos of her previous talks can be found online for those who want a sample of her expertise.

18. Tom Hopkins

Handle: @tomhopkinssales
Followers: 29.5K
Bio: Author, speaker, sales trainer
Specialization: Sales training

His tweets: Tom Hopkins is a sales legend with decades of experience providing training to salespeople and business leaders. His company, Tom Hopkins International, has trained the sales forces of powerhouses like Best Buy, AFLAC, and even the U.S. Army. His in-person and video-based trainings are well known for permanently moving the sales needle for thousands of businesses. He shares helpful sales tips and resources on his Twitter account.

19. Butch Bellah

Handle:  @ButchBellah
Followers: 35.6K
Bio: National sales manager for Smart Mouth Foods, author, sales trainer
Specialization: Sales management

His tweets: Butch Bellah is a sales, marketing, and business coach who honed his public-speaking skills as a professional stand-up comic. His classes are optimal for business owners or leaders trying to accelerate their careers and bring more business to their companies. Butch loves to connect on Twitter, LinkedIn, and even in the comments of his own blog with people who are passionate about business and sales. Another cool fact? He wrote the book Sales Management for Dummies.

20. Trent Leyshan

Handle: @TrentLeyshan
Followers: 1.8K
Bio: Founder and managing director at BOOM! Sales, author
Specialization: Sales training

His tweets: Trent Leyshan leads BOOM! Sales, a Melbourne-based sales consultancy that he founded in 2007. He is the author of Outlaw: Fight for Your Customers & Sell Without Fear and The Naked Salesman. He tweets consistently about the value of attention, creativity, and hanging onto your vision in business, sales, and life.

21. Ian Knowlson

Handle: @IanKnowlson
Followers: 24.3K
Bio: Business growth expert, sales training coach, and mentor at Selling Success
Specialization: Sales recruitment

His tweets: Ian Knowlson is a biz-dev expert and certified NLP Master Practitioner, accredited by the International NLP Trainers Association. He has 30+ years of sales and recruitment experience and distills his knowledge into timely blog posts on his blog and on Twitter. His firm, Selling Success, offers sales coaching, social media training, specialist recruitment, and other business-development services.

22. Nancy Nardin

Handle: @sellingtools
Followers: 29.8K
Bio: Founder of Smart Selling Tools, sales technology stack expert
Specialization: Sales tech

Her tweets: Also a cofounder of Vendor Neutral (a firm that reviews technology requirements and identifies industry solutions), Nancy Nardin is an advocate of using software and efficient processes to increase revenue and grow a business. Nancy has written ebooks on numerous productivity software programs. Her Twitter feed is an excellent source for keeping up to date on the latest sales tools.

23. Mike Weinberg

Handle: @mike_weinberg
Followers: 26.5K
Bio: Principal at The New Business Sales Coach, author, speaker, coach
Specialization: Sales coaching, sales consulting, sales management

His tweets: Mike Weinberg is a sales coach and consultant with an intense focus on simplicity. Both of his books, New Sales. Simplified. and Sales Management. Simplified. are Amazon best-sellers. On Twitter, Mike offers updates on the sales workshops he leads. He also shares resources for sales success.

24. Colleen Francis

Handle: @EngageColleen
Followers: 15.1K
Bio: Owner and president of Engage Selling Solutions, keynote speaker, author, sales strategist
Specialization: Sales strategy, sales leadership

Her tweets: Named in LinkedIn’s Top Voices 2018, Colleen Francis offers sales-team training, leadership coaching, and public-speaking programs. She co-authored Honesty Sells with Steven Gaffney, and her website offers a bevy of free advice for sellers, including a regular newsletter and continually impressive, useful blog posts and videos. She shares much of this information on Twitter, along with quick sales tips.

25. Leanne Hoagland-Smith

Handle: @CoachLee
Followers: 11.8K
Bio: CRO at Advanced Systems, author, speaker
Specialization: Sales culture, sales leadership

Her tweets: Leanne Hoagland-Smith helps owners of small and medium-sized businesses challenge the status quo and increase their capacity to generate new business, maximize efficiency, and face the challenges of entrepreneurship head-on. Her book, Be the Red Jacket in a Sea of Gray Suits, uses stories of success to show small-business owners how to stand out in the crowded global marketplace. She shares many sales blogs and resources on her Twitter account.

26. Tibor Shanto

Handle:  @TiborShanto
Followers: 20.4K
Bio: CSO at Renbor Sales Solutions, author, speaker, B2B sales specialist
Specialization: B2B sales, sales strategy


His tweets: Tibor Shanto is the award-winning co-author of Shift!: Harness the Trigger Events That Turn Prospects Into Customers. At Renbor Sales Solutions, he leverages his deep sales experience to help other businesses shorten their sales cycle and accelerate their growth. His tweets are a nice mix of helpful sales articles and videos.

27. Mike Kunkle

Handle: @Mike_Kunkle
Followers: 23.5K
Bio: VP of sales enablement services at SPA & SPASIGMA
Specialization: Sales enablement, sales training, sales effectiveness

His tweets: Mike Kunkle knows salesforce transformation, period. His vision has helped companies attract hundreds of millions of dollars of new business. Mike shares his own knowledge and aggregates sales tips from around the web on his highly active Twitter stream.

28. Lori Richardson

Handle: @scoremoresales
Followers: 34.8K
Bio: Founder and CEO of Score More Sales, sales influencer, sales strategist
Specialization: B2B sales strategy

Her tweets: Lori Richardson is founder and CEO of Score More Sales, a firm that helps B2B companies with their sales teams and performance. Lori’s emphasis on focus, continual improvement, and tracking metrics make her pointers useful for businesses of any size, especially those seeking improvement in B2B sales.

29. Kendra Lee

Handle:  @kendraleekla
Followers: 13.6K
Bio: President at KLA Group, author, speaker
Specialization: SMB sales, sales consulting

Her tweets: Kendra Lee is the author of The Sales Magnet and Selling Against the Goal, and her organization is the go-to for manufacturers and distributors working on product launches or trying to break into SMB markets. Her tweets on prospecting, productivity, and building value are always on point.

30. Patricia Fripp

Handle: @PFripp
Followers: 16.9K
Bio: President at Fripp VT Powerful Persuasive Presentations, TEDx speaker
Specialization: Sales presentations

Her tweets: Patricia Fripp is a leadership expert and a speech coach with specialized knowledge in sales-presentation skills. Good sales presentations can translate directly into more cash flow for businesses, and Patricia’s trainings can help even the most experienced sales team take the next step toward more business and more revenue. Patricia’s tweets touch on presentation tactics, content development, and general public-speaking news and tips.

31. Paul McCord

Handle: @paul_mccord
Followers: 16.1K
Bio: President at McCord Training and Development
Specialization: B2B sales training, sales consulting

His tweets: A Forbes Top 30 Social Selling thought leader, Paul McCord has 30 years of experience in training sellers and business leaders all over the globe. McCord Training helps sellers develop effective tools for connecting with great prospects. Though Paul focuses on the front end of the sales cycle, his talks, blog posts, and tweets have great content on every aspect of sales and business development.

32. Dan Waldschmidt

Handle: @DanWaldo
Followers: 70.6K
Bio: Cofounder of Edgy Inc., founder and chief encourager at the EDGY Empire
Specialization: Business strategy


His tweets: Dan Waldschmidt describes himself as an “ordinary dude with an outrageous vision.” His Edgy Conversations blog receives high praise in the business world and has inspired a book with the same title. Waldschmidt’s iconoclastic attitude toward tired business practices earns him the respect of his peers and his customers and shines through in his tweets.

33. Brian Carroll

Handle: @brianjcarroll
Followers: 8.8K
Bio: Founder and CEO at markempa, author speaker
Specialization: B2B lead generation, marketing


His tweets: Author of the best-seller Lead Generation for the Complex Sale, Brian Carroll’s expertise on B2B sales has earned him accolades from The Wall Street Journal and countless other publications. He tweets regularly on marketing strategy, entrepreneurship, and lead generation, and his blog posts and speeches are a great source of inspiration for businesspeople.

34. Gerhard Gschwandtner

Handle:  @gerhard20
Followers: 12.6K
Bio: Founder and CEO of Selling Power, CEO at Sales 3.0 Conferences
Specialization: Sales leadership, sales management

His tweets: Gerhard Gschwandtner, founder and CEO of Selling Power, a media company, and the owner/host of the Sales 3.0 conferences. Gerhard is among the most influential sales experts of all time. His blog is a must-read for sales leaders, as are his tweets and the 16 sales-management books he has written.

35. Trish Bertuzzi

Handle:  @bridgegroupinc
Followers: 25.1K
Bio: Founder and CEO at The Bridge Group Inc.
Specialization: B2B sales, sales development

Her tweets: Trish Bertuzzi is founder and CEO at The Bridge Group Inc., an inside sales consulting and implementation firm. She helps technology companies improve their sales strategies and confront the challenges of business growth. Trish’s Twitter feed goes beyond sharing content and promoting blog posts. She teaches her followers, and her clients, how to engage, enthrall, and empathize with everyone they encounter.

36. Barb Giamanco

Handle: @barbaragiamanco
Followers: 13.2K
Bio: Founder and CEO at Social Centered Selling, adviser, speaker, #WomeninSales podcast host
Specialization: Social selling


Her tweets: Barb Giamanco is the head of Social Centered Selling and a co-author of The New Handshake: Sales Meets Social Media. She is a social media sales evangelist, business adviser, podcast host, speaker, and coach, and her writing has been published in Harvard Business Review and many other influential publications. Barb’s Twitter feed is packed with links to the best business and sales articles from around the web.

37. Wendy Weiss

Handle:  @wendyweiss
Followers: 6.3K
Bio: President at ColdCallingResults.com
Specialization: Lead generation, cold calling

Her tweets: Wendy Weiss is the president of ColdCallingResults.com. She’s an authority on lead generation and new business development. She has written and contributed to numerous books on all aspects of business and is known as “The Queen of Cold Calling” because of her focus on helping businesses learn to make cold calls that get results. She offers cold-calling resources and strategy tips on Twitter. If you have a fear of cold calling, follow this account to improve your skills.

38. Anneke Seley

Handle:  @annekeseley
Followers: 8.9K
Bio: CEO and founder of Reality Works, author, speaker
Specialization: B2B sales, sales strategy

Her tweets: Anneke Seley designed Oracle’s incredibly efficient Oracle Direct inside-sales operation. In addition to being founder and CEO of Reality Works (a sales strategy consulting and implementation services firm), she’s co-author of the books Sales 2.0: Improve Business Results Using Innovative Sales Practices and Technology and Next Era Selling. Her tweets cover the gamut of business topics, from personal branding to leveraging data.

39. Jim Keenan

Handle:  @keenan
Followers: 18K
Bio: CEO at A Sales Guy Inc., keynote speaker, author
Specialization: Sales coaching

His tweets: Jim Keenan is a sales consultant with a focus on action. Jim’s blog, A Sales Guy, features loads of free advice. His consulting services are also top-notch. Named one of Top 30 Social Sellers in the World, Keenan argues against product-centric selling on his Twitter account.

40. Bob Apollo

Handle:  @bobapollo
Followers: 8.5K
Bio: Founder of Inflexion-Point Strategy Partners
Specialization: B2B sales, sales strategy, value selling

His tweets: Bob Apollo is founder of Inflexion-Point Strategy Partners, a firm that helps B2B-focused, tech-based businesses elevate their sales strategies and systematically improve their performance. Bob’s outcome-oriented methods ensure that all Inflexion-Point clients exceed their goals and accelerate their revenue performance. Anyone needing advice on complex B2B sales strategies will find something useful in Bob’s Twitter stream.

41. Nancy Bleeke

Handle: @SalesProInsider
Followers: 6.4K
Bio: President and CSO at Sales Pro Insider, sales enablement strategist
Specialization: Sales enablement strategies

Her tweets: Nancy Bleeke is the founder of Sales Pro Insider Inc., a business consulting firm for companies that want to boost their sales, customer service, and leadership skills. Nancy posts frequent productivity and leadership tips on Twitter, and her collected wisdom is available in her book, Conversations That Sell.

42. Peter Ostrow

Handle: @peterostrow
Followers: 5.5K
Bio: Senior research director at SiriusDecisions
Specialization: Sales enablement strategies

His tweets: Peter Ostrow tweets about social selling, sales training, and even how big data can inform business decisions. Peter conducts research on sales performance management and intelligence. Sales leaders looking to adopt new technologies, accelerate their sales cycle, and improve rep productivity through enablement strategies will find Peter’s writing indispensable.

43. Kelly Riggs

Handle:  @kellyriggs
Followers: 10.3K
Bio: Founder and president at The Business LockerRoom, author, speaker
Specialization: Sales management, sales leadership

His tweets: Kelly Riggs is known for his one-on-one management training and his ability to increase employee engagement and improve business development through proven motivational tactics. He is also the author of books on management, leadership, and sales careers. He tweets on both sales and corporate leadership.

44. Craig Wortmann

Handle: @craigwortmann
Followers: 3.7K
Bio: Founder and CEO of Sales Engine, speaker, author, professor
Specialization: High-performance selling

His tweets: Craig Wortmann is a veteran sales expert and the founder and CEO of Sales Engine. He got his start two decades ago at IBM and has continued to evolve into a powerhouse seller and leader in both B2B and B2C contexts. Not to mention that he’s a professor at the Kellogg School of Management. He shares cool videos, tips, and management advice that can help you become a better sales professional.

45. Alice Kemper

Handle: @BestSalesTips
Followers: 16.9K
Bio: Runs the Sales Training Werks website and training program
Specialization: Sales management, sales leadership

Her tweets: Want to better equip and engage your sales reps? Alice Kemper is a sales consultant with over 30 years of experience. She offers 30-minute sales-training meetings to help managers motivate their teams to reach sales goals. Kemper is a great resource because she breaks down concepts into digestible information on Twitter. The quotes she shares are also on point.

46. Brent Adamson

Handle: @brentadamson
Followers: 3.8K
Bio: Researcher, author, presenter, VP at Gartner
Specialization: Sales content, marketing

His tweets: Co-author of the best-selling books The Challenger Sale and The Challenger Customer, Adamson has over 25 years of experience in sales and marketing. He knows how to create solid sales content (think regular contributions to publications like Forbes and Harvard Business Review). Adamson shares his articles on Twitter as well as other helpful sales resources.

47. Mark Roberge

Handle: @markroberge
Followers: 16.1K
Bio: Senior lecturer at Harvard Business School, former CRO at HubSpot, author of The Sales Acceleration Formula
Specialization: Science of sales

His tweets: Mark Roberge’s account is a great one to follow for various sales resources, including his own material. He published the best-selling book The Sales Acceleration Formula, in which he breaks down the steps to grow revenue and improve your sales team.

48. Cynthia M. Barnes

Handle:  @cynthiambarnes
Followers: 5.6K
Bio: Founder and CEO of National Association of Women Sales Professionals (NAWSP), Women in Sales influencer
Specialization: Sales training

Her tweets: Particularly if you are a woman in sales, Barnes acts as a resource, providing tips and guides for women who want to become better sales professionals. Her Twitter account is full of information from the National Association of Women Sales Professionals (NAWSP) and helpful sales articles. She’s also featured in various podcasts, which she retweets.

49. Christopher Voss

Handle: @VossNegotiation
Followers: 10.1K
Bio: Author of Never Split the Difference
Specialization: Sales negotiation

His tweets: Christopher Voss is a former FBI negotiator who incorporates his experience into everyday negotiations. Featured on our list of great sales books to read, Never Split the Difference is a book he co-authored which focuses on how to effectively negotiate (applicable to sales and life). This book sets the tone for Voss’s Twitter account, where he tweets from the book and similar articles and videos.

50. John Barrows

Handle:  @JohnMBarrows
Followers: 8.5K
Bio: CEO at JBarrows Sales Training
Specialization: Sales training, sales pipeline

His tweets: A sales trainer/consultant for major companies, including LinkedIn, Barrows posts insightful and helpful tips for sales-team members. This is an excellent account to follow for insights into a better sales team and pipeline management for sales reps.

51. Jim Cathcart

Handle: @jimcathcart
Followers: 21.5K
Bio: TEDx Top 1% 2018, author, Speaker Hall of Fame, Sales & Marketing Hall of Fame
Specialization: Sales consulting, motivation training

His tweets: Cathcart is a valuable resource in and outside of sales. He posts motivational tips, as well as information about becoming a better speaker, and he emphasizes the importance of relationship selling. Become a more well-rounded salesperson by following his account and advice.

52. Marcus Sheridan

Handle: @TheSalesLion
Followers: 23.3K
Bio: Acclaimed international keynote speaker, author of They Ask, You Answer
Specialization: Inbound sales, marketing

His tweets: If his handle “The Sales Lion” give you any indication, Sheridan knows a thing or two about sales. His book They Ask, You Answer covers inbound sales and content marketing in the digital age. Sheridan specifically provides related advice on his Twitter account, along with tips on becoming a better public speaker (important for sales pitches).

53. David A. Brock

Handle: @davidabrock
Followers: 15.7K
Bio: Author of Sales Manager Survival Guide, sales adviser
Specialization: Sales management, sales coaching

His tweets: Brock has a blog that covers a variety of topics, including sales, business, and marketing. He shares many of his articles on Twitter, such as “The ‘Real Cost’ of a Salesperson,” “Sales Talent Is a Problem. Is It Worth Solving?” and “The Sales Conversation of the Future.” This account is geared toward sales leaders and managers to improve their sales teams’ performance.

54. Max Altschuler

Handle: @HackItMax
Followers: 10.5K
Bio: CEO of SalesHacker, author
Specialization: Sales engagement

His tweets: Max Altschuler knows sales—in fact, he was named on the list of B2B Sales Experts to Follow on LinkedIn in 2019. His book Hacking Sales covers “building high-velocity sales machines by leveraging technologies, virtual assistants, empathy, and modern sales tactics.”Altschuler’s account is packed with sales resources on engagement, strategies, and more.

55. Shari Levitin

Handle: @sharilevitin
Followers: 3.1K
Bio: CEO at Levitin Group, author, sales adviser
Specialization: Sales training, customer relationships

Her tweets: Best-selling author of Heart and Sell, Shari Levitin believes in focusing on authentic, heartfelt relationships within sales. On her Twitter account, Levitin aggregates various sales posts and videos that are helpful for learning about social selling, sales conversations, and more.

This list is by no means exhaustive. There are many more amazing sales experts to follow on Twitter. But this assortment of highly experienced sales pros should provide a foundation for you to begin learning from the best.

Last but not least, don’t forget to follow Zendesk Sell on Twitter for the latest sales, productivity, and CRM news, tips, and ideas.

This post originally ran on the Base blog. Please visit www.zendesk.com/sell if you’d like to learn more about Zendesk Sell.

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