Knowledge Base Software

Knowledge Base Software

Get ready to create, organize, and share knowledge base articles and content easily with customer support agents, select customers, or the public—and measure what performs best.

Frequent questions, answered quickly

Zendesk Guide offers knowledge management software that is simple to customize and use - as either an internal knowledge base, an IT knowledge base, a support agent-only knowledge base, or a customer facing FAQ tool. And because it’s always available, customers and support agents can use this self-service portal to find the right information whenever they need.

A lean, confident content solution

Build out an online knowledge base without worrying too much about the details. Drafts save if you’re in the middle of a work in progress, rich formatting ensures that articles are easy to read, and pre-made templates can be utilized to maintain content structure. If you’re building an internal knowledge base, content can easily be restricted to just certain groups.

Knowledge Base Software

Know how your knowledge base changes

Understand how your knowledge base content evolves over time. Get a list of events, so you can always be up to date with the latest changes, preserving the integrity of your content.

Speak the customer’s language

Zendesk makes knowledge management software that’s simple to use and accessible for everyone. And the freedom to translate your articles into over 40 different languages provides a localized experience that’s right for each customer.

Measure and improve customer support

Know what users are looking for and whether they're finding the right answers with built-in reports. Zendesk’s knowledge base software provides insights to expose gaps in content and helps identify areas where new knowledge base articles should be created.

“Investing in our knowledge base meant we saw a massive decline in the number of support requests coming in. Partners were getting what I consider to be the very best service—which is that they never had to log a ticket in the first place.”

Mike Cartwright

Chief of Partner Solutions at Expedia® Affiliate Network

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