KPI dashboard software

Read your customers minds with KPI dashboard software
We all know KPI dashboard software enables analytics like never before. But imagine customer KPI's in the hands of every single support agent—across your organization. Hmmmm. That means before they answer a call or respond to a tweet, they have real-time KPI's for that specific customer.

How much better would they be able to provide a magical solution—in a fraction of the time? All the while your customers wonder, can you read their mind? "What amazing service".

Roll out your key performance welcome wagon

Create custom metrics, reports, and dashboards, and even perform data joins—without SQL Data gets turned into meaningful analyses with point-and-click functions and visualization styles.

Zendesk Explore lets you easily share analyses and dashboards with your entire organization, partners, or customers, so everyone can work together to improve the customer experience. You can also get reports delivered right to your inbox, or even alerts in your Slack channel (if you’re into that sort of thing).

Who's happy and who's not?

It doesn't have to be a hypothetical question. We can measure that! Improve your support team’s operations by spotting trends and resourcing optimally. Measure customer experience to ensure your team is keeping customers happy.

KPI management

Mashup data from Zendesk Support, Chat, and Talk to report on all your channels.


Blend Google Analytics data to optimize self-service and deflect repetitive tickets.


Integrate Salesforce data to measure the support team’s impact on sales and revenue.


Connect Redshift data to see what helps drive customer adoption of your product.

Learn which customers are satisfied and which customers need extra TLC then put that information back in the hands of your support agents. Try Zendesk free.