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Sunny days ahead with new integrations

New Zendesk app integrations are here. Learn all about how these integrations can help out your sales and support teams.

Af Eric Shen, Technology Alliances Strategy and Operations Manager

Senest opdateret July 20, 2023

Here are the newest integrations from Zendesk to help your team provide top-quality experiences.


YellowAI (Messaging) is a dynamic automation platform (DAP) built on multi-LLM architecture that is continuously trained on billions of conversations for scalability, speed, and accuracy. Powered by Generative AI, the platform can automate customer experiences with chatbots and voicebots across channels while significantly reducing operational costs. With Yellow.ai’s conversational service cloud (CSC) solution, enterprises can deliver real-time support to their customers by automating routine queries and intelligently transferring complex queries to human agents. Enterprises can boost customer satisfaction and agent productivity by delivering a 24/7 instant, omnichannel customer support experience with reduced operational cost and faster ROI.

Customer Service Connector by TikTok Shop

Customer Service Connector by TikTok Shop (Support) lets you connect your TikTok Shop account to your Zendesk Support, so you’ll be able to receive and reply to TikTok Shop chat messages from Zendesk Support. Solve customer inquiries faster with access to relevant information from TikTok Shop, such as order, shipping, payment, and return information—all without leaving Zendesk. All conversations from a buyer will be kept in one ticket. You can see the full context before answering.


Glean (Support) searches across all your company’s apps to help you find exactly what you need. Powered by next-generation AI, Glean understands who you are to deliver answers to your questions or pinpoint the people who can best help. Setup is quick and doesn’t require professional services or manual fine-tuning. Seamlessly search across all company apps from within Zendesk Support without ever having to leave the page. Unlock Glean’s AI-powered contextual recommendations to boost productivity and streamline workflows.


Everlaw (Support) helps legal teams navigate the increasingly complex e-discovery landscape to chart a straighter path to the truth. Everlaw’s cloud-based discovery and investigations platform unlocks the collaborative power of litigation and investigative teams, so they can make sense out of growing data sets quickly and intuitively. Everlaw provides a streamlined way to ingest data directly from Zendesk and other popular enterprise applications and data sources. With Everlaw, key context–such as individuals on a Zendesk ticket, historical actions, and attachments–are compiled so users have all the information they need.

Additional apps added in June:

  • Sticky.io Connect (Support) lets you manage all your customer payments and subscriptions seamlessly within Zendesk Support using Sticky.io Connect. You can easily view customers and orders, process refunds, and cancel subscriptions.
  • Shipped Suite (Support) makes it easy to see all the shipping information you need in one place via the Zendesk Support ticket sidebar–including information like shipment issues reported by customers and their statuses and if the order is protected by Shipped Shield or has Shipped Green carbon offset.
  • Process Shepherd (Support) makes every agent a master of your business process by providing step-by-step guidance that streamlines complex processes, boosts compliance, reduces agent ramp time and average handling time. Access your complex processes via a Zendesk Support sidebar app so your agents can easily follow the proper procedure to ensure they do the job right.
  • LoudHippo (Support) lets you add a post-purchase survey to your eCommerce order confirmation page to fill in the gaps in your marketing attribution. The Zendesk integration allows agents to see customers’ last survey response to help give conversation more context.
  • ChatCPT Ticket Summary by ATVEZA (Support) uses OpenAI’s ChatGPT to summarize Support tickets. Generate concise ticket summaries for enhanced efficiency and customer satisfaction.
  • FastBill App by LEAFWORKS (Support) automatically checks and links clients from Fastbill directly to Zendesk tickets. For each new ticket, a search by user’s backend ID, name, phone number, and email is performed automatically. Previews of invoices and estimates can be viewed and linked to a ticket without having to download.
  • ChatGPT Helper by Sassly (Support) streamlines your customer support with AI-powered response templates. This marketplace application integrates with your existing customer support system, providing your agents with quick access to AI-generated response templates. With ChatGPT Helper, your team can efficiently respond to customer inquiries while improving response times.
  • Mirakl by Juble.io (Support) lets you easily access and manage all customer inquiries and orders placed through the Mirakl marketplace, directly from within Zendesk. View detailed information about each customer order, including order status, shipping information, and product details.
  • ChatGPT Assistant by Canadesk (Support) summarizes customer messages, analyzes sentiment, and recommends replies to your agents. Leverage AI directly from any Zendesk ticket and capture the key topic. Adapt to your customer’s attitude, summarize the full conversation, and even suggest your next reply.
  • SuperSupport.ai (Support) brings the power of ChatGPT to Zendesk to increase efficiency and customer satisfaction. SuperSupport.ai offers a range of powerful AI features that enable your support team to handle tickets more efficiently.
  • Worknet (Support) helps companies support their internal and external customers natively inside Slack. The Slack conversations can also be synchronized back to Zendesk, and any comment posted in Zendesk will update the Slack conversation. Any message posted in Zendesk will be shown in the Slack conversation and vice versa.
  • RightPage (Support) is a powerful agent assistant tool designed to help agents resolve tickets with accuracy, quality, and speed. With one click, well-formatted answers are instantly drafted based on ticket context, articles in your knowledge base, and ticket history. Direct links to the most relevant articles in your knowledge base and past tickets are provided alongside every draft response.
  • HEIC Attachment Preview (Support) lets you preview HEIC image attachments (iPhone/iPad images) from your tickets. Support your iPhone/iPad customers more efficiently. No more downloading or converting HEIC files before viewing them.
  • Email crafter (Support) provides a user-friendly and no-code interface for designing your emails from Zendesk. With this app, you can effortlessly customize the appearance of your Zendesk emails without any coding expertise.
  • Onoff Business (Sell) automatically logs all interactions (calls, SMS, VM) with your users in Zendesk CRM. Never be caught off guard with the enhanced callerID. Sync your Zendesk CRM contacts with Onoff and always know who is calling.
  • Consulta CEP Enderço Brasil (Support) is a powerful tool that allows Zendesk Support agents to easily retrieve address information based on Brazil’s Postal Address Code (CEP) from the viacep.com.br API.

New themes added in June:

Nova is a stunning Zendesk Guide theme that will fit not only education-based organizations but any kind of sector due to its clean and accessible look. It offers customizable blocks, call-to-actions, and much more.

To view the full list of incoming apps, follow our weekly release notes.

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