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The Zendesk Customer Experience Trends Report 2020

Customer loyalty can help drive the success of a business, and the customer experience (CX) drives loyalty. The data is clear:

  • 74% of customers feel loyal to a particular brand or company

  • 52% of customers report going out of their way to buy from their favorite brands

But loyalty must be cultivated and maintained—and without the right care, it’s easily lost. Influenced by each step of the experience that customers have with your company, from marketing promotions to the transparency of pricing models, and from the ease of the sales cycle to the quality of your customer service, loyalty also extends to the experience that customers have within your actual products or services. Our survey findings underscore this reality. With the Zendesk Benchmark, our data index of 45,000 companies using Zendesk, we explored how top companies provide experiences that keep customers returning and the best practices that separate the leaders from everyone else.

You can also get your personalized Customer Experience Performance Scorecard here.

The full report includes

  1. Key findings on customers expectations when they engage with businesses

  2. The top 5 trends in the customer experience industry in 2020

  3. Benchmark data from leading companies that separate from their competitors

The Zendesk Customer Experience Trends Report 2020