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Introducing new Zendesk Sell innovations to help companies drive revenue

Sell's new capabilities will help your company increase revenue and boost efficiency.

Av Candace Marshall, Director of Product Marketing

Senast uppdaterad July 14, 2022

Every sales team is driven by a common goal—revenue. No matter the industry, size, location, or maturity of its business, a sales team’s ability to hit their target correlates to the overall success of the company. But maintaining growth requires more than just a sales strategy—it takes tools, data, and insights to help sales teams be more efficient and make smarter decisions.

We’re proud to announce new, enhanced features in Zendesk Sell including advanced sales analytics, custom objects, and sales engagement tools (formerly Reach) that empower sales teams to accelerate revenue—all available as one solution.

Grow revenue with data-driven insights

Businesses today produce massive amounts of data. However, companies that make sense of their data with actionable insights are the ones seeing remarkable growth. Zendesk Sell’s new advanced sales reporting and analytics makes it easy for sales teams to gain a deeper understanding of their prospects and customers.

This feature includes prebuilt dashboards for various Sell data including leads, deals, calls, and products, with more coming in the months ahead. It also enables custom reporting with thousands of ways to analyze your data using editable metrics and attributes, various chart types, filters, and dashboards—all with a point-and-click experience. This is all done via Zendesk’s broader reporting and analytics tool, allowing for easier data maintenance, sharing, and collaboration between sales and service teams. The result? Sales teams will be able to act on these insights to close more deals.

Take customers such as Geostabilization International, which has been using Sell’s advanced analytics to better understand deals across its product lines. “Sell’s advanced reporting and analytics has become a go-to tool to help us quickly gather and glean insights around complex datasets,” said Christopher Abdoo, CRM administrator for Geostabilization International. “It is a helpful time-saver, and we can’t imagine the end of the month without it. We are excited about the future of sales reporting and analytics.”

Capture custom data for your business

Sell also now features the ability to capture more data to better align with your business needs with Sunshine custom objects. With custom objects, sales teams can define new objects related to their business and link them to leads, deals, and contacts.

In addition, they’ll also be able to create custom relationships for contacts to fit their business context. Both features combined allow for deeper, more advanced data customization in Sell and give sales teams the full context they need when looking at a lead, deal, or contact—all in one view.

Engage and communicate at scale

Finally, Sell now includes sales engagement tools for prospecting, enrichment, and sequences. These powerful features will be bundled with Sell’s other new tools into a single sales solution that’s easy to try, buy, and set up. Sales teams will have access to prospecting tools to build targeted lead lists, enrichment tools to revive old lead or contact information, plus email sequences and automated tasks to streamline mass outreach. This allows sales teams to fill their pipeline with more quality leads faster—a win-win.

Sell Engage Communicate

Sell’s new sales engagement tools automate traditionally manual tasks—like outreach—by enabling sales reps to enroll leads and contacts into email sequences.

Our latest enhancements to Sell give sales teams needle-moving tools for their business. Whether that’s through data-driven insights from our advanced analytics feature or automation with our sales engagement tool, Sell will help businesses of any size grow and scale. That’s because although times have changed, your sales team’s ability to hit revenue targets shouldn’t have to.

Want to learn more about what’s new with Zendesk Sell? Check out the latest Sell product updates.

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