Mobile live chat

Boost sales and increase customer happiness with mobile live chat

If a picture is worth a thousand words, and a selfie is worth a thousand likes, then a mobile live chat is easily worth a thousand emails. Zendesk live chat software allows you to track your customers and engage them at just the right moment. Think of it like the friendly and well-informed salesperson that appears in a store exactly when you need them.

The inside scoop

Add live chat to your website and mobile app to connect instantly to your customer. With mobile live chat software, you're empowered to engage customers in real time, giving them the answers they want, when they're needed most. Zendesk gives you a personal and engaging one-on-one with your visitors. even allowing you to share pictures or guides on demand. Mobile live chat also gives you the ability to proactively start a chat — think prompting customers to complete a purchase. In fact, customers approached with a chat are three times more likely to make a purchase.

Enjoy the benefits

With mobile live chat at your fingertips, you are ready to act with:

  • Pre-chat forms - ask your visitors for their contact information to triage chat requests and prioritize high-value customers
  • Visitor lists - monitor website visitors and the pages they are browsing to target specific users and offer help when they need it
  • Chat ratings - gather feedback and continue to improve your performance

Extend your reach

Keep support going when your agents are on the move with live chat apps for Android and iPhone. Try our seamless integration into mobile live chat for free today.

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