Customer Experience Trends 2021

Agility in action

Good customer service only happens with agility. But knowing how to shift takes the right know-how. Our training will get you started.

The hot topic

Change is on everyone’s mind. So, all over the world, we’re hosting events about how to make smarter twists and turns.

Learn about better service, take part in masterclasses, and top your day off with networking. See what’s nearby.

Make your move

If businesses want to evolve with customer needs, they must think and act in flexible ways. That’s why 94% of high-performing teams use at least two product features that make them adaptable.

Our agility training will help you make the right turns. You’ll get access to the playbook—a practical guide tailored to your business size.

Train your agility

Bendy is trendy

Agility is one of five trends named in our CX Trends Report. In the research, customer experience leaders said their biggest priority is quickly adapting to customer needs.


of managers say it’s more important than it was a year ago for their team to adjust to customer expectations