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Find the answers they seek

Answer Bot is powered by artificial intelligence (AI). This means two things. First, we are living in the future. Secondly–and more importantly–using Answer Bot, you can provide answers faster than humanly possible.

Answer Bot increases self-service efficiency by responding to customer's questions with relevant knowledge base articles from Zendesk Guide.* Customers are happy with the faster resolution time and the support team is free to focus on things only people can do.

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Smarter, faster, better, stronger

  • Solve questions faster

    Give customers the information they need to resolve issues themselves. Faster resolution times mean happier customers.

  • Reduce team effort

    Automate answers to simple, repetitive questions so your team can focus on more complex tasks.

  • Answer intelligently

    Leverage AI with your Zendesk Guide content to provide more informed answers–automatically. There’s no need for integrations with third-parties.

How it works

1 Step One

A customer has a question

When a customer sends an email to a company, Answer Bot steps in to help, scanning the text of the email to understand what the request is about.

2 Step Two

Answers are suggested

Answer Bot uses its powerful AI to find the most relevant articles. It suggests them in a reply to the customer while they wait for a response from a human agent.

Answer Bot currently only speaks English.

3 Step Three

A ticket is solved

The customer reviews the articles and if an answer is found, they can mark their question as answered. The ticket is now solved.

4 Step Four

Or routed back to an agent

If a customer still needs help, their question would be answered as normal by an agent. Feedback is automatically collected to improve future suggestions.

“We’ve discovered that a good percentage of people are not looking at the Support Center articles at all. But with the help of Answer Bot, they are now being automatically recommended articles and being made aware of the existence of the Support Center as a self-service option even earlier in the customer journey.”

— Sawyer Perry, CX Optimization Senior Associate, Winc

Source: TechValidate. TVID: 2BC-E27-F81

Powered by information

Answer Bot was created by a team of Zendesk data scientists and engineers using the latest AI technology. Here’s how it works:

  • Going deep

    Deep learning is a sophisticated form of artificial intelligence inspired by the human brain. It recognizes speech, data, and specific patterns. Like humans, it uses that information to make connections and decide on the best action to take. But unlike humans, it can process trillions of pieces of information to see patterns we might miss.

  • No training required

    Answer Bot is ready to start working on day one. It can tap into all past experiences across thousands of customers, and apply what it’s learned to your customers and content—even if you don’t have many of either. Because it learns as it goes, every suggestion it gives will be better than the last.

  • It’s all connected

    Answer Bot is a pro when it comes to using Support and Guide. It knows exactly where to look for the best knowledge base articles in Guide. And it can work alongside your agents in Support, highlighting the articles it suggested and even taking feedback from your agents if they think an article wasn’t a good match.

*Answer Bot works exclusively with Zendesk Guide. Learn more.

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