Bright Ideas: HR Customer Stories

The modern workplace is rapidly transforming--shaped by Millennials, it’s becoming a culture of connectivity and new technologies. Nowadays, Human Resource organizations serve a mobile workforce that demands information quickly and seamlessly across many channels – from email and phone to chat and social. Without the proper tools, they run the risk of letting down their most important customers: their employees.

Many companies rely on Zendesk to deliver fast, reliable internal customer service with tools that engage workers and increase employee satisfaction.

Read these HR-focused customer stories to learn how:
● Xerox adopted an intelligent online internal ticket management system that eliminated email clutter and confusion for advisors working in the field.
● L’Oréal uses Zendesk’s cloud-based help desk to empower its internal team to respond immediately to workplace problems, health risks or safety hazards.
● UTi turned to Zendesk for a centralized service platform and quickly experienced a higher volume of internal tickets, a huge jump in internal satisfaction and improved productivity.
● John Lewis Partnership launched the Partner Choice benefits website, offering employees a seamless, modern and mobile-optimized web experience.
● Tesco’s global help desk implemented a simple ticketing system that offers clean data management and universal accessibility and a one hundred percent increase in IT productivity.

Also hear from OpenTable, Redfin, Vodafone, Groupon and more!



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