How companies thrive after switching from Salesforce to Zendesk

อัปเดตล่าสุด 7 สิงหาคม 2021

Companies that switch from Salesforce to Zendesk gain innovation, agility, and the ability to deliver superior, modern customer experiences — all while achieving a lower cost of ownership.

Explore this eBook to learn how companies of all types, large and small, have flourished after making the switch from Salesforce to Zendesk. For example:

  • Prosper increased CSAT 10% and reduced onboarding time by 50%
  • Mediaocean’s help center usage increased 305% and internal satisfaction rose 40%
  • Lending Club resolved 12% of inquiries automatically with AI powered auto suggestions

Read these and other success stories to understand how switching to Zendesk can help your company thrive.