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A guide to multi-channel customer support

How to Hire the Best Customer Support Reps

Today when we say “multi-channel,” we’re no longer talking about snail mail or fax machines as support channels. Instead, a multi-channel support strategy includes some combination of traditional phone, email, or live chat support alongside social media and self-service offerings.

Why? Because customer service is not a 'one size fits all' solution, and different people prefer different methods of support.

When Zendesk looked at customer satisfaction by channel, traditional phone support just barely edged out over other channels. So how can you figure out which channels (your) customers prefer and build a strategy that allows you to provide a consistent level of service across each channel?

Our guide to multi-channel support will help you to:

  • understand the support challenges facing companies today
  • learn the key benefits of a multi-channel strategy
  • determine which channels your customers actually want
  • make the most of your multi-channel support

Download and read the ebook using this link.

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