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Delivering transformative messaging experiences to your transportation, travel, and hospitality customers

Download this ebook for insights on delivering seamless CX for travelers.

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Nucleus Research report: Zendesk vs. Freshworks

Nucleus Research found that users prefer Zendesk vs. Freshworks due to our ease of use, adaptability and scalability, stronger analytics, and support and partnership.

The IT dilemma: Balancing data privacy and personalization in customer experience

Trust is at odds with consumer expectations of personalization, according to new research. Here's how IT leaders are making sense of it.

How software and cloud services companies deliver exceptional technical product support

See how you can empower your technical support team to deliver excellent customer service consistently.

Zendesk for Travel and Hospitality: Transform CX to deliver 5-star service

Meet travelers where they are, get them where they want to go, and help them relax once they arrive. Learn how in this guide.

Meet us at the top

Read the Zendesk Customer Experience Trends Report.

Report: IT leaders tackle new challenges with security, AI, and CX

Discover new insights and data from 1,200 IT leaders about AI, data privacy, and CX strategies.

Strategic insights:
AI & the future of employee experience

Discover new strategies for keeping employees motivated and engaged this year and beyond.

1 min read

Guide to omnichannel contact centers

Omnichannel contact center software streamlines communication channels so customer service reps can provide consistent and personalized support.

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