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IT provides the core foundation that all good customer and employee experiences are built upon. Learn how to create alignment across your organization on digital strategy and transformation.

The future of work for IT teams is supporting hybrid workforces

IT teams don’t always get the credit they deserve for keeping the company running smoothly; they also don’t always have the tools they need to work effectively and provide a seamless experience.

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How IT leaders can eliminate siloed service and deliver enhanced employee experiences

Experts warn of decreased employee satisfaction. Here’s how businesses can take action.

White Paper
1 min read

Futurum report: How investing in the right digital solution improves CX

Futurum Research reveals why leading brands are investing in new technology and how the Zendesk platform sets itself apart from other enterprise solutions.

5 min read

CX is at a digital tipping point—here’s what IT leaders can prepare for

As companies broaden CX technology investments, IT leaders are in a unique position to drive CX forward.

6 min read

Why tech leaders must focus on both the customer and employee experience

Colleen Berube, CIO and SVP of Operations at Zendesk, had been on the job a little…

5 min read

Delighting customers with modern customer experiences

The customer has changed and so have their expectations on what customer experience means to them.…

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