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Workforce engagement management

Find out how investing in workforce management and quality assurance solutions can help organizations optimize their service operations.

Agent scheduling: Benefits + best practices

Effective agent scheduling can help optimize operations and improve the customer and employee experience. Learn the benefits and best practices in our guide.

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6 min read

23 workforce management metrics to optimize your operations

From head count to average handle time, here are 23 workforce management metrics you can use to understand your business better and hit your performance goals.

1 min read

What is a workforce manager? (+ How to become one)

Workforce managers bring workforce management initiatives to life and ensure processes hit peak productivity. Learn more about these managers in our guide.

1 min read

Workforce planning template: 7 examples + tips

Even the best strategy can fail without a comprehensive checklist. Check out our seven workforce planning templates to nail your organizational strategy.

1 min read

What is workforce management?

If you have employees, you need a workforce management strategy. Our guide dives into the basics of WFM so you can implement it into your business.

3 min read

Zendesk acquires Tymeshift, bringing AI-powered workforce management to customers

The acquisition furthers the company’s commitment to offer innovative omnichannel and AI capabilities powering exceptional customer experiences.

5 min read

What is call center workforce management?

In a call center, workforce management is a set of processes used to optimize productivity and reduce risk. Learn why this is so important in our guide.

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