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Free tools and templates for CX professionals.

Free customer persona templates and examples

A customer persona template can help your business better understand your customers. Download our free templates and create your own customer personas today.

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12 min read

20 chatbot templates to improve your CX in 2024

Use these chatbot templates with AI-powered customer service software to provide fast, 24/7 customer support and improve agent productivity.

1 min read

How to write a customer apology letter: 25 templates + examples

An effective customer apology can prevent customer churn and even build customer loyalty. Get our free customer apology letter templates now.

4 min read

Customer win-back campaigns: How to build one + 10 templates

Customer churn can cause issues for any business. Learn how to create effective customer win-back campaigns, and download our templates to reengage with consumers.

2 min read

Customer service plan template, tips + how-to guide

A customer service plan defines a clear strategy so you can deliver exceptional support with every interaction. Download our free template and create your plan.


All about PCI DDS (and why it’s important)

Earning and maintaining the trust of your customers is critical to the success of your business.…

9 min read

How to calculate profit margin: Calculator, formulas, and examples

Arm your business with the tools you need to boost your income with our interactive profit margin calculator and guide.

16 min read

How to create a buyer persona in 6 easy steps: Examples, tips, and templates

A buyer persona is essential for understanding and reaching prospects. Here's our guide on crafting personas that take sales to the next level.

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