Hosted Ticket System

Overview of a Hosted Ticket System

hosted ticket system screenshotA hosted ticket system is a piece of software that serves, manages, and maintains customer issues, through a content type known as a “trouble ticket.”

Until recently, support ticket systems had to be installed and maintained locally onto a company’s servers. A hosted ticket system eliminates an organization’s need to buy and manage servers internally as well as hire staff to manage and manually update the software.

A trouble ticket is a content format that captures a customer interaction: a phone call, an email, chat, or more recently even a tweet or other action shared through social media channels.

How Businesses Use a Hosted Ticket System

Here’s an example scenario to demonstrate how a hosted ticket system, like Zendesk, works:

1. A customer communicates an issue (problem, question, etc.) through a channel: a telephone call, email, chat or other communication like a tweet from social media channels.
2. A customer advocate is made aware of the customer problem and transforms that piece of communication, regardless of its original medium into a trouble ticket from within the trouble ticket system.
3. The customer advocate then uses the ticket as direct communication with the customer and records that information (customer name, number, email, account number, environment, when and how the issue occurs, and all other relevant circumstances) and sets off to resolve the trouble ticket in the trouble ticket system’s workflow.
4. As corrective action is taken on the issue, the related support ticket is routed through the support ticketing system in a streamlined workflow, updated with new data by the customer advocate and delivered to the customer (usually by email)
5. After the issue has been fully addressed, it is marked as resolved in the hosted ticket system.

Zendesk’s Hosted Ticketing System

When a company’s customer emails a support request to a Zendesk’s support ticket system, he or she immediately receives a notification that the issue is being assigned to an agent. The agent will then escalate the issue to an engineer and provide a status update to the customer. This entire process happens through Zendesk, typically within 24 hours.

As agents work on cases, they use Zendesk to look back over customers’ previous support requests for background information that will help them solve cases more quickly. In addition, customers can do their own research by searching for troubleshooting tips in Zendesk's community forums.

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Why Zendesk?

Zendesk’s hosted ticket system provides customers with ticket management tools, and highly configurable forums, knowledge base, and FAQs.

Inside your Zendesk, you will already be setup with many customer support best practice workflow tools, including macros and triggers. Furthermore, Zendesk automatically works with your email so you can stop digging through your inbox and start engaging with your customers.

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